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Program Description

With a national spotlight on education, there is a demand for leaders who possess both teaching experience and the skills to effectively shape and impact the future of the field. That's why we've developed our Master's Degree Program in Education, with concentrations in Curriculum Leadership, Educational Leadership, and Higher Education Leadership — to help educators advance in their careers and become tomorrow's leaders.

By earning a Master's in Education, you will have a better understanding of learning theory, research and assessment, curriculum development and educational technology. This combination of skills can provide a strong foundation for a number of educational leadership careers.

Program Coursework

Our Master's in Education may include these courses:

Contemporary Issues in Education: Evaluate viewpoints on contemporary issues and trends in education theory and practice from both a school and national education perspective.

Educational Technology and Emerging Media: Explore how computers, web-based resources, and multimedia are used to engage K-12 school students in problem-solving, creative inquiry and collaborative learning.

Educational Research: Learn the skills needed to critically review, assess and evaluate educational research using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Educational Measurement and Assessment: Examine theories and techniques of educational measurement and assessment for curriculum planning, development, delivery, feedback, and improvement.

Many Ways To Learn

DeVry offers classes several different ways:

  • At a DeVry campus location
  • Online
  • Through collaborative extended classrooms

Please note that program, courses, and extended classroom availability varies by location.

Master's Degree in Education Career Overview

As the education field continues to evolve, there will be not only new and diverse careers in education but also a growing need to find leaders who understand the landscape of this field. Earning your Master's Degree in Education with a concentration in Curriculum Leadership or Educational Technology Leadership could give you the credentials you need to take advantage of these career opportunities and position yourself to be an invaluable leader in this field.

Professional Responsibilities

When you earn your Master's Degree in Education, you could be prepared to advance your career in a number of educational leadership roles. Careers in education could involve the following responsibilities:

  • Supervising educators, staff, and students at the K-12 levels
  • Planning for academic development through continuous and cumulative curriculum improvement
  • Designing curriculum and training programs for individuals and groups in the education field
  • Integrating digital resources and emerging technologies into lesson plans to facilitate the learning experience
  • Advising on methods and strategies for communication across various media outlets
  • Conducting research to integrate practical classic and current educational methodologies in the classroom

Career Opportunities

DeVry University graduates in Education could be prepared to enter one of many career fields:

  • Educational Consulting
  • Distance Learning
  • Academic Services
  • Training and Development


Program Guide
Curriculum Leadership Concentration Overview


As a K-12 teacher, you understand the importance of the right curriculum and have ideas about how you can improve the instruction at your school. If you seek the knowledge and the ability to influence curriculum development, our Master's Degree in Education with a Curriculum Leadership Concentration can help you achieve that goal. You'll learn from professors who have experience in the education field and our degree program can help you take a leadership role in a number of education careers.

  • Due to state-specific regulations, credits and degrees earned from DeVry University do not automatically qualify a person to practice certain professions or gain certification in their field. Candidates must contact the appropriate state regulatory agency for their specific area of interest.

Program Coursework

Our Master's Degree Program in Education with a concentration in Curriculum Leadership may include these courses:

Curriculum Development: Explore historical perspectives of curriculum influences, key changes of the last century and conflicting educational theories.

Educational Program Evaluation: Learn the theory and practice of program evaluation by considering stakeholder requirements, evaluation types and procedures and data collection approaches for balanced reporting.

Educational Leadership: Examine models of authority, decision-making, communications and conflict resolution and learn how to facilitate leadership to create a work climate supportive of excellence in teaching and learning.

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