Executive Master in Finance, Control e Auditing


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Program Description

Background & Situation

The crisis situation was born in the financial world and has affected the whole real economy compounding uncertainties and risks. Therefore companies are forced to face.

In a context characterized by a dynamic and irregular evolution, it is essential to spread an “organizational culture” (especially among SMEs), oriented towards the creation of change processes, particularly in programming systems and business management in order to enable companies adequately respond to incentives coming from the outside factors.

As the entrepreneurs took the most appropriate decisions regarding a deep understanding of the local market in the past, their experience and intuition are enough to guarantee success and survival of an organization of today. This is the reason the master course designed for offering its participants practical techniques and methods, in order to establish in a company management control tools, to wisely run every company, independently of the dimension.


The financial department in a corporate is more and more strategic and essential to top management and governance. It is mandatory to have an expert who has a global vision and interdisciplinary skills, is able to face the new economic-financial context, finding short-term solutions and strategies for reconstruction and relaunch. It is important to define the growing path of the company and its financial area; to optimize the financing choices, to manage operations of alternative and extraordinary finance.

The aim of the Executive Master of Finance & Control, Auditing, Risk Management, and Compliance is to develop new skills, training managers, consultants, and businessmen, to hold important positions in business management, in the financial and banking environment, in consultancy companies, law offices, and insurances. We believe the aim must be pursued through a detailed study of the following subjects: financial accounting and planning, auditing and corporate governance, credit and risk management, company evaluation systems and compliance management.


  • Module 1: Financial accounting and financial planning
  • Module 2: Auditing and corporate governance
  • Module 3: Credit and risk management
  • Module 4: Evaluation Systems, advanced tools of business funding
  • Module 5: Compliance management
  • Module 6: Application focus: spreadsheet and professional use for business management
  • Module 7: Focus on ERP management system
  • Module 8: Company crisis and relaunch strategies
  • Module 9: Safety and Prevention on workplace

Duration and Attendance

144 hours of training/lessons + 6-month formative internship + project work (in the company)

Next Edition

  • Bologna: March 2019
  • Rome: March 2019
  • Ancona: April 2019
  • Milan: May 2019
  • Naples: October 2019

Plus & Certification


  • Teaching staff composed of professional managers with long-time experience.
  • Dedicated education.
  • Case study.
  • Online multimedia educational material.
  • Online assistance.
  • Partner companies associated with the project.
  • Teaching programs constantly updated according to the market need.
  • Internship in highly motivated and pre-selected companies.
  • Long experience in recruiting and personnel selection.
  • Sida’s reputation in providing the best-qualified candidates to companies.
  • Personal coaching, identification of the student’s motivation and potential, for qualified work research.


At the end of the training, the participant will acquire:

  • Certificate of Attendance in the Master Course
  • Certificate of Acquired Skills
  • Certificate of Participation in English Course Abroad (if attended)
  • Certificate of Workplace Safety and Prevention (General Form)



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