MA in Graphic Design


Program Description

With us, you can become the type of graphic designer who can react to real situations with creative and artistic insight, who within their field can imagine and create high-standard work.

During our course, you can become a graphic designer artist who is able to respond to actual situations and present creative and artistic solutions, and who is able to create and implement high-quality work on every job platform

We are a flexible program with a fresh perspective; our strength is in our open-mindedness. With the help of our acknowledged, professional academic teachers we can provide you with the opportunity to find your own individual style. In this course we will develop your practical, functional problem-solving skills focused on design, and we strive to help you unfold your innovative solutions individually as well as in a team. We await you in a great atmosphere where your creative work can unravel through integrated courses teaching modern design thinking in a team environment.


If you are sympathetic and creative, a good team worker and have a critical attitude. No matter you graduated in another field, you can change careers and choose our training.


Aesthetics, Theory of Progressive Image Creation, Art Studies, Graphic Design Research, Printmaking Graphic Techniques, Visual Communication, History of Design, New Media Graphic Design, Graphic Design Workshop, Integrated Design, Generative Design, Sustainable Society and Culture, Experimental Design, Data Visualization, Visual Communication, Infographic, Infodesign


  • Individual artist,
  • Art Director, Graphic Designer at creative agencies,
  • Illustrator, Image editor, Art director, Typographer,
  • Web-designer in online and printed medium designer studios, creative-executive enterprises.


  • Graphic art
    • If you wish to create your own artistic expressive style and would like to dive deep into the world of illustrations, cartoons, book cover and poster design, book design where you can use your excellent manual skills, choose our Graphic Art specialization!


Graphic Designer

Head of the program

Péter Maczó, Professor, Graphic Designer, Typographer


Gyula Július DLA, Associate Professor, Professional Executive, Munkácsy Award-winning Visual Artist

“What is it like being a student of the program? Probably the first word that comes to my mind is: hardworking. I mean it's fun, I love the atmosphere, I like spending time at the university but at the same time, I have to work hard because it's not something that can be taken easily, it's not easy-breezy. I have already experienced what it's like to be a student of Metropolitan during my Graphic design BA course and how the community is great and inspiring, the teachers are great professionals for someone who is creative, and it’s just perfect. However the graphic design MA is another step towards the "more professionals tone", it's just another level of seriousness which requires a right amount of handwork and a little bit more.

There are many opportunities to exhibit and test my abilities, competitions and such. We also have fun, for sure, the students usually end the day together in a café, bar, still talking about ideas or just chilling.”
Barbara Zsidek, student of our Graphic Design MA program from Hungary

“A graphic designer is responsible for the message, also for its artistic and aesthetic quality. Moreover, a graphic designer should count on social and ecological factors as well. How does the message affect us? What kind of material is needed for a good “package”? What impact will it have on the environment? We aim to introduce our students to the (re)interpreted workshop of the always experimenting graphics, where – alloying the traditional and modern image creation techniques – we will be able to change the world.”
Gyula Július DLA , Associate Professor, Professional Executive, Munkácsy Award-winning Visual Artist

Last updated Jan 2019

About the School

We are inspired by creativity. The art of creative education is the core value of our University. It is embodied in our teaching methods, it is a central concept in our approach and our students’ atti ... Read More

We are inspired by creativity. The art of creative education is the core value of our University. It is embodied in our teaching methods, it is a central concept in our approach and our students’ attitude. Creativity is the force organizing everyday life at the University paving the way to the future success of our students. We offer a stimulating environment and a unique atmosphere that motivate our students to make use of a wide range of unparalleled opportunities and apply their knowledge in practice looking for new, innovative solutions. This inspiring world offers the key to creative thinking, which is the most immediate expectation in today’s labour market and a crucial issue of the future. Read less
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