MA in Sports and Tourism Management


Program Description

Master’s degree in Tourism and Sports Management

Key Facts

  • Faculty: Sports Education
  • Language: English B2 level or IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 5.50
  • Credits: 90 ECTS
  • Begins: September 15th
  • Study type: Full-time
  • Duration: 1,5 years
  • Annual tuition fee: 1944 EUR; Non-Europe – 2700 EUR
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Diploma: Master of Business and Management


The aim of the program is to provide students with a solid knowledge in management and business administration, to develop an ethically responsible personality with creative and entrepreneurial skills that enable the graduate to evaluate and predict national and international business environment, develop innovative activities in sports and leisure organizations, carry out applied research projects in tourism and sports sectors, and apply research findings in daily organizational activities and strategic decision making.

Study Plan



  • Scientific knowledge and management of ideas.
  • Communication: social and academic integration.
  • Leadership and change management.
  • Continuing professional development.
  • Modeling of sports/tourism sector development.
  • Sports/tourism organization development and creative interaction with environmental protection.
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship in sports/tourism.
  • Research activities.
  • Expert-project activities.

Career Opportunities

Master’s degree in Business and Management (Tourism and Sports Management program) qualifies graduates to continue studying at the Ph.D. level or to enter the workforce. Graduates will be able to perform managerial, expert and consulting work at state, non-governmental and private organizations and to teach and carry out research at various educational institutions.

General Admission Requirements

Online admission procedure for international students

Foreign nationals can be admitted into English taught programs of the Lithuanian Sports University if they provide the legalized secondary school, high school, or college certificate or diploma. Transcripts must be officially translated into English.

The recommended English language skills for degree students at the start of their study period are B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or corresponding IELTS (5.0), or TOEFL (55)*.

Legalization of Educational Documents

Applicants, who received their education in countries-members from the Hague 1961 Convention (e.g. Israel, Italy, India, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Venezuela, etc.) should have an attached Apostille to their educational documents (in most countries the Apostille is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education.)

The education documents of applicants who received their education in any other country (Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc.) should be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the diplomatic mission or consular post of the country where education was received.

Steps of admission to LSU:

  1. Fill in and submit an online application form;
  2. Apply for and submit the recognition document of foreign qualifications issued by SKVC;
  3. Participate in SKYPE interview*;
  4. Receive a letter of acceptance;
  5. Apply for and receive a National D visa if needed;
  6. Come to Lithuania and start your studies.

*Admission Board can invite the applicant for the interview on Skype, before taking a final decision on admission.


  • Admission Board will send the final decision in August 2-9,2021 on admission and informs the applicant by the Conditional letter of Acceptance;
  • By submitting the documents applicant agrees for one’s information to be shared with other institutions that the University might refer to while processing the academic verification.
Last updated Nov 2020

About the School

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is proud to be the only specialized university in Lithuania, which has been uniting Movement and Sports Science for over eight decades.

Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) is proud to be the only specialized university in Lithuania, which has been uniting Movement and Sports Science for over eight decades. Read less
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