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Master of Arts (abbreviated MA or M.A.) degrees are graduate-level achievements conferred by universities around the world. Taking a Master of Arts degree can offer a number of diverse benefits ranging from enhanced career prospects to improved problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Additionally, a Master of Arts can lead to post-graduate study in a PhD program. Specialized subjects within disciplines in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and sometimes Business and Law, fall within the academic realm of Master of Arts. MA candidates are often required to complete research and present a thesis paper prior to completion of their degree.

The variety of different Master of Arts programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Master of Arts degrees listed below.

Newly added Masters of Arts

SRH University Heidelberg

Master of Arts in Architecture

January 8, 2019
You want to evolve? You want to gain the ability to be able to speak? Architecture still fascinates you? In the master's program at the SRH University of Heidelberg, you deepen your architectural skills and achieve a Europe-wide recognized degree.

ISM International School of Management GmbH

M.A. in Strategic Marketing Management

September 18, 2018
During the M.A. degree course, you will learn to analyze dynamic relationships and to determine promising market positions through qualitative and quantitative market research. In this Marketing Masters programme, proper use of statistics is just as important as the skills to interpret this data and assess its significance for future planning… [+] decisions. [-]

Hertie School of Governance

Master of International Affairs

November 23, 2018
The Hertie School’s Master of International Affairs is a 2-year, full-time programme in English that prepares students for positions requiring a profound understanding of today’s global policy challenges in government, international organisations, relations, International relations, International law, political Science and law as well as business and… [+] civil society. [-]

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