Master MPI International Cooperation Overseas and Environment


Program Description

A BAC 5 training unique in France to train high-level specialists capable of initiating and supporting the international and ecological development of the overseas territories.

Thanks to its overseas territories, France is the only nation in the world to be present in all major geostrategic basins, from the sub-Arctic to the Antarctic, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the polar to the tropical. Overseas, it is 2.7 million French guardians of a vast land and maritime territory as well as 80% of the national biodiversity.

The objective of this BAC 5, unpublished in France, is to train the future economic, industrial, associative and diplomatic leaders of the overseas territories in order to help the State, local authorities and local businesses to go overseas. showcases of the ecological and solidarity transition, as well as strategic projection platforms of France in the World.

This training also meets the new needs and potential generated by the EROM and Letchimy laws (2016) and the expectations raised during the Overseas Assizes (2018).

The graduation

The ILERI offers a diploma "MPI-International Cooperation of Overseas and Environment" which validates the title RCNP (*) Level I "International Project Manager".

(*) Title RNCP: Level I (Fr) and Level 7 (Eu) title registered in the National Register of Professional Certifications (RNCP) by decree of 26 September 2016, published in the OJ of 4 October 2016), and having received the RNCP code 27097 - NSF code 310 - certifying body: APTIM.

It aims to train students, professionals and associative leaders in the techniques of analysis, development, negotiation and international management in, to or from overseas.

Auditors will acquire and deepen competencies applicable in private companies, state administrations, international agencies and organizations, local authorities, consulting and audit firms, or players in the field. social and solidarity economy (associations, NGOs, etc.). The graduates have primary vocation to exercise their future functions in the French and European overseas territories, but also in France hexagon, with the European Union or international organizations.

The MPI Overseas and Environment can be followed face-to-face on our Paris La Défense campus, but also fully online from any overseas territory or from abroad.

Objectives of the training

  • Acquire the necessary skills for the creation and management of projects overseas, from overseas territory or overseas.
  • Improve the visibility of an organization or a territory and support its development in the long term.
  • Be able to analyze geopolitical issues and be able to adjust the activities of an organization or the position of a community.
  • Master overseas-Europe relations and design winning answers and calls for projects.
  • To know how to engage and assist a territory towards ecological and social transition.
  • Master the stakes and specificities of each overseas to support private, associative and public actors.
  • Anticipate and control the expression of environmental, regulatory, social and security risks.
  • Master the main techniques of offensive use of information: influence, lobbying, conducting negotiations, managing relations with elected officials and investors.


Common Core

  • Project management
  • Fund raising
  • General policy of the company
  • intercultural management
  • marketing
  • Public policy
  • strategic management
  • HR
  • Financial Management Case
  • Business game

Specialty teaching

  • Geopolitics of Overseas Territories and the Environment
  • Public Law
  • Assembly of projects Europe
  • Negotiating climate change: practical cases
  • Blue economy
  • Undertake, innovate
  • Economic strategies
  • Normative specificities
  • CSR, ESS
  • ILERI / DGOM / CPS cycle "Overseas seen by their actors"
  • Transversal Project: Project Assembly Overseas

The distance education of the MPI International Cooperation of Overseas and Environment is done with the Adobe Connect platform. This digital training solution allows students and faculty to access a range of tools to access live courses or replay, host and share files, participate in assessments, and from any terminal.

The strengths of the program

  • Two possible schemes: on our Paris La Défense campus or fully online from overseas (for the 2018-2019 school year, only online).
  • Three possible commitments, in initial training, professionalization contract or resumption of studies. The professionalization contract allows the student to acquire a significant professional experience, contributing to a probing professional integration. Depending on the legislation in force, the host company finances all or part of the schooling and compensates the student according to the type of contract. For professionals, get closer to your employer and / or funding agencies.
  • Professional internship: for students in initial training, 4 to 6 months full time. Pre-employment opportunity or leading directly to employment, in France or overseas.
  • Training from October to May concentrated on two days a week. This alternating rhythm allows students to start an internship, find a job to finance their studies or have time to deepen their research, and allows professionals to adapt their training to their current responsibilities.
  • Intervention of professionals from the private sector, the administration, the voluntary sector, elected officials and entrepreneurs, particularly in the framework of thematic conferences on the regional and international aspects of the blue economy, innovation, the valorisation of biodiversity, tourism, culture or the social and solidarity economy, etc.
  • Professional and overseas insertion and professional mobility facilitated, notably through partnerships with private sector organizations, local authorities, networks of overseas entrepreneurs or think tanks, etc.

And after?

There are three main types of outlets:

  • Private environmental actors operating in an international context: companies in the energy, environment, maritime, construction, waste management, water management and agribusiness sectors, tourism and new technologies; consulting firms, banking / insurance and related services; the production, strategic, logistic, prospective, commercial, studies, sustainable development, green finance or responsible investment directions.
  • Social and solidarity economy actors operating mainly in the environmental, maritime and polar spheres (fields of action) and / or littoral and ultramarine territories (action areas); consulting firms specialized in assisting SSE stakeholders in these fields or areas of action.
  • The French, territorial, European and international civil service around environmental issues, in the direction of overseas territories, or within the overseas territories; chambers of commerce and territorial economic development agencies; diplomatic networks specific to territorial communities overseas currently being created.

The main trades prepared are:

  • Framework in Territorial Administration
  • Executive in the Overseas State Administration and / or the Environment
  • International Development Research Officer
  • Environmental Project Manager
  • International Development Manager
  • Expert in regional cooperation overseas
  • Social Responsibility, Solidarity Economy and Circular Overseas
  • Export manager
  • Ombudsman / Conciliator / Intercultural Negotiation Assistant
  • Specialist consultant environment / sea / overseas
  • Lobbyist environment / sea / overseas / poles
  • International Marketing Manager

Terms of admission

The second year of the Higher Diploma in International Relations is open to holders of a Bac 4 equivalent to 240 ECTS credits. After submitting an application, the candidate receives a response regarding his eligibility. If applicable, the candidate passes the ILERI Entrance Examination including written exam and motivational interview.


"Very involved, the speakers are very high level and seem happy to share their knowledge. The highly professional side of this training is not only academic but practical. This is a real opportunity for students from overseas to project themselves into the great international cooperation that has so far not really shown its immense potential. "
Elie-Nicolas P., MPI student promotion 2018/2019

"Cosmopolitan, innovative, specific, this training gave me a new look at management. The most positive aspect is the possibility of taking quality courses from a distance. "
Marie-Eugénie L., MPI student promotion 2018/2019

"Every session is always a kind of little miracle! To meet all together from the four corners of the planet but so obviously. Interactions with the teacher, interactions between students, the teacher is placed in charge of this dynamic, interactive and stimulating teaching method. "
Florence Minery, teacher at the MPI

Tuition fees

Fee Schedule:

MPI Overseas and Environment: 9750 € in class // 5150 € in distance
Deposit of 1500 € upon registration and balance in six installments, 5% to be deducted in case of cash payment.
As soon as the student finds a work-study contract, tuition fees are reimbursed.

Last updated Mar 2020

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