Master in Financial Management


Program Description

Master program in Financial Management is based on three necessary preconditions:


  1. The program is oriented on the international educational trends in the field of financial management and aimed to provide the student with a wide range of competencies in finance relevant to an international context. While studying the program, these competencies can be applied to Russian experience (either within the disciplines or research work), which is to be considered a special case, though providing a comparative advantage for career prospects in Russia.
  2. The program is developed together with leading professionals in finance. Its applied tendency is supported due to close cooperation with companies, institutions, and practitioners both in teaching and research supervision.
  3. The basic part of the program corresponds to the requirements of Russian Federal Educational Standards for Masters in Management, while its variable part allows forming program-specific competencies. The structure of the variable part of the program is formed around four essential topics:
  • company finance;
  • financial markets and related issues;
  • financial infrastructure;
  • risk assessment and management.

Program goal

The aim of the MEP «Financial Management» is to train highly qualified analysts and decision-makers in the field of company’s finance, who are ready to provide financial analysis and financial strategy with regards of internal company’s strategic factors, company environment, and stakeholders. Along with a specific design, the MEP is tailored to meet all the requirements of the state educational standard in the field «Management».


Duration of study

Two academic years

Language of instruction


How to apply

Entrance requirements

  • For both foreign students and graduates of the Russian higher education institutions (including bachelor graduates of NSU)
  • Educational diploma (certificate or some analogous document) on a program of the level of bachelor degree or of a specialist qualification of any specialization
  • Entry exam for applicants with Russian citizenship

The application procedure and deadlines

Until the 30th of June fill out the application form on our website and provide with the following documents:

  • Diploma (or some analogous document) on the program of a level of a bachelor degree or certificate (ordering) about passing at the moment such program.
  • TOEFL certificate (score 50-70: intermediate or upper intermediate level) or other international certificates (BEC etc.) of similar level.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.
  • Letter of Motivational (1-2 pages) on the entrance to the MEP. Department’s Admission committee makes a decision on foreign entrants to be recommended for the admittance.

Until July, 15 the Russian entrants pass the admission test.

Until July, 20 the exam on the level of English language for those entrants who haven’t got TOEFL certificate (or another type of international certificate) carried out.

Until June, 25 Department’s Admission committee makes the decision on entrants with Russian citizenship to be recommended for the admittance.

Until August, 5 the admittance to the MEP occurs.


Program structure

First year, Fall Semester

Obligatory courses

  • Managerial Economics
  • Organization Theory and Organizational Behavior
  • Corporate Finance I
  • Contemporary Strategic Analysis
  • Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments

Courses at the choice of the student

  • Banking
  • Financial instruments of project management
  • English academic writing
  • Russian as a foreign language

First year, Spring Semester

Obligatory courses

  • Managerial Research Technique
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • International Monetary Relations

Courses at the choice of the student

  • English academic writing
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • The Russian Economy
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Contemporary Industrial Markets

Second year, Fall Semester

Obligatory courses

  • Corporate Finance II
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Project Management

Courses at the choice of the student

  • Fixed Income Instruments and Derivatives
  • Applied Econometrics
  • International Business
  • Corporate tax
  • Corporate Governance

Second year, Spring Semester

Courses at the choice of the student

  • Financial Modeling in MS Excel
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

State Examination

Thesis Defence

Master dissertation

To complete the MEP «Financial Management» a student also undertakes a substantial project under the supervision of a faculty member and writes a Master dissertation reporting the results. Research can cover any area of finance and implies a managerial approach, i.e. corresponding the problem realizable by a decision maker. The topic is to be approved by a faculty committee. A master dissertation should contain overview reflecting a shared professional erudition of the author, as well as independent research part with the student's own research results. Master's graduate work is a self-completed study which is devoted to the decision of a scientific or practical problem.

Training base

The Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering (Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science) is considered as a base for research activity at the faculty of Economics. Most lecturers are full-time researchers at the IEIE SB RAS.


Fees and financial support

Tuition Fee

The cost of full-time studies for the MEP at the Department of Economics of NSU in 2019-2020 is $4200 per year

Career opportunities

Many graduates of the department have become a part of Russian scientific elite honorably representing the national science abroad. The department graduates also succeed in business and banking industry. As a rule, they become managers, CEOs of large and medium-sized companies as they are well-oriented not only in economic but also psychological and sociological aspects of business.

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