Master in International Sports Management


Program Description

Why this master?

"A master adapted to the reality in the sports industry, taught mostly by professionals who combine their career with an academic life”. This master has been developed willing to offer a practical focus, the knowledge and the abilities for the success in directive and management positions in any of the institutions, clubs, entities, and business around the global sports industry.


  • 5,4% of European employment is linked to the sports industry. Source: European Parlament
  • 22% increase in sports linked jobs in Spain from 2011 to 2015. Source: Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports (MECD) in the Yearbook of Sports Statistics 2016
  • 3,9% Contribution of soccer to Spain GDP. Source: KPMG socioeconomic impact of professional soccer in Spain
  • 8,7 Millions of visitors from Sports Tourism in Spain. Source: KPMG socioeconomic impact of professional soccer in Spain 2016


1.Master developed from the sports industry to the sport.

Master organized by the Centro de Formación Fundació Valencia CF - ESBS European Sports Business School.

2. A Master with an international focus and visits to sports facilities.

The Master includes a visit to París of 4-5 days, as well a visit to Madrid, and others. The student will meet potential workplaces, organizations and top-level sports events.

3. Optional Double Degree with France.

One student of the Master has the opportunity for a full academic scholarship in Paris or London.

*Note: transfers and accommodation in academic visits are included in the program.

4. Employability and entrepreneurship.

Yes, to your future

According to SportBusiness postgraduate ranking, at the end of the program, our students have a 6 months employability of 22/25 (88%). We have a mentoring system to make the employability of our students easier and help them to design their professional career.

Entrepreneurship: We have a system to support entrepreneurship, helping to detect trends and opportunities with professional support.

5. A program consolidated since 2009.

We work with case method teaching that allows the student to develop skills and abilities for sports management, based on the practice. Best Master in Spain, Top 3 in Europe and Top 20 Global.

Teaching structure

The program improves year by year since 2009, based on the analysis of the sports industry.

  1. The mentoring system lets the student optimize the program based on his initial goals.
  2. Every module focuses on knowledge subjects, abilities and skills aimed at practice. In every module, students work with real-world scenarios individually and in groups; because we believe that the best way to learn is by doing and knowing.
  3. The visits to sports facilities, with practical cases as well as participation in sports events, is part of the philosophy of immersion in the sports industry offered in the program.



This program is designed for you, if:

  • You have a college/university degree, you like sports and you want a professional career in sports management
  • You are an athlete or ex-athlete and you want to dive in the management inside the sports industry
  • You work in the Sports industry and you want to improve your skills and abilities



The student will get at the end of the program the degree in:

"Master in International Sports Management". Degree issued by ESBS European Sports Business School and the ”Centro Formación Fundació Valencia CF".

The students enrolled in the Cambridge English Business Certificates (BEC) course may present the test to obtain the BEC certificate.

  • 1st Master in Sports Management of Spain 2017 & 2018
  • 3rd Europe (Top 3)
  • 13th World (Top 13)

*According to SportBusiness Postgraduate Ranking 2017 , 2018 and 2019.

Application Process

  • Step 1: advisory interview about the content and the work opportunities of the program.
  • Step 2: applicant sends the required documents.
  • Step 3: one-to-one interview.
  • Step 4: admission communication.
  • Step 5: enrollment.



The Master is taught in the classrooms of the “Centro de Formación Fundació Valencia CF” - ESBS, where the student will be with the professionals of the Sports Management from the beginning, next to Mestalla Stadium Calle Ramon Llull, 19, Valencia, España.

Sessions will be two days per week.

Some sessions will be outside the Center, in Sports facilities or Sport Organizations, including a one day visit to Madrid and a 4-5 days visit to Paris.


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