Master of Business Management (MBM) in Sport Business Management


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Program Description


This exciting MSc, Master of Business Management, specialized in Sports Business challenges students to study at a high academic standard, combining case studies and research. However, the degree program also has a real practical approach in its design - through project weeks, professional inquiry, and a module of professional-based learning in which students complete a short work placement often linked directly to their final project.

The program offers a combination master of business administration subjects and broader modules in economics and management. Through modules looking at global economics and strategic management, globalization, society & culture students the program will enable students to further develop their deeper knowledge of business management and administration.

The specialization in Sports Business specifically analyses and evaluates the commercial and management forces that have contributed to the success of the sports business. It offers flexibility with an innovative combination of block and online delivery, making it suitable for those working in the sports sector and recent graduates who are looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of this fast-growing and important industry.

Course Content

Semester 1

(Core Modules)

  • Marketing Management
  • Globalization, Society & Culture
  • Research Methods Introduction (Final Project)
  • The World Economy
  • Professional Inquiry

(Specialisation Modules)

  • Critical Perspectives in Sports & Leisure
  • Sports in the Global Marketplace

Semester 2

(Core Modules)

  • Research Methods (Final Project)
  • Micro Economics - Global Perspectives
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Module (3 Project Weeks, linked to Final Project)

(Specialisation Modules)

  • Strategic Sports Business Management
  • Ethics & Social Responsibility in Sports 

Semester 3 (Work Placement & Graduation)

  • Professional Based Learning 
  • Final Project

Course Structure

The master program is delivered in a block format, with 2 modules being covered every 6 weeks. Core module classes are inter-disciplinary - you study shared modules with master students from different business management specializations. Due to the rolling entry (6 times a year) groups are dynamic, extremely international, and diverse.

The modules are delivered intensively over consecutive days in the so-called 'block format', which means that each module has 6 days of teaching split into two blocks of 3 days. Teaching methods include group work, case studies, presentations, and live projects. The course is delivered through a variety of approaches including lectures, presentations, tutorials and case studies, with an emphasis on interactive learning. Each module is taught by two lecturers, often a full-time Wittenborg lecturer and a guest lecturer from a partner university. Modules include regular guest speakers from the industry.

The Industry

Spectator and participatory sport is a global phenomenon and has recently become one of the fastest-growing economic sectors for both developed and developing countries. Through engaging with and analyzing the commercial, media, and political drivers of change, you are able to identify the factors that have created such growth and critically discuss the implications for business, society, nation branding, and identity.

Sport is a sophisticated and complex international business with billions of consumers watching and engaging with sporting events on a weekly or even daily basis. This course aims to develop professionals in the provision, promotion, and marketing of sport who are able to fully capitalize on the opportunities that the sector presents.

Through studying marketing, sponsorship, media, and law – and after spending time in a sports organization on a professional work placement – you gain academic understanding and practical knowledge of the issues involved in successful sports business management. This will help you to engage, manage, and shape the sport businesses of the future.

Career Prospects

This MBM specialization in Sports Business is aimed at a broad spectrum of students and practitioners. It is suitable for those who want to pursue senior management positions within the sports industry or to prepare for doctoral study.

Professional experience

The Professional Enquiry module requires students to engage in the professional world. Personal and professional growth takes place through the implementation of change in professional practice and concomitant reflective practice. Students also perform some goal settings exercises and assess weaknesses and strengths with regard to employability skills to allow for adequate self-development and vision beyond the MSc. Some students may identify a need for them to develop their knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, and small business management, which forms the basis of one of our optional modules.

Consultancy project 

If you elect to undertake a consultancy project you'll work with a commercial or not-for-profit sports organization both independently and with the support of tutors, to fulfill the objective set by the client. This is an invaluable experience of designing and agreeing on a project with commercial aims and objectives.

Employment prospects

Management positions exist within marketing, sales, planning, sports events, sports administration, and facility management. Organizations that offer these positions include professional sport clubs, sporting goods companies, sport marketing agencies, sport event organizers, sport governing bodies, sport public agencies, sports community recreation departments, health and leisure clubs, and athletic service organizations.

The course will enable you to enhance your skills, sector-specific knowledge, expertise, and employability attributes, making the transition from study to a meaningful career a more seamless process.

Entry Requirements

The admission requirements (criteria) for the Master Business Management programs (all specializations) are as follows:

a Bachelor degree or equivalent recognized qualification;

  • Applicants are requested to provide an academic reference from their previous education institute;
  • It is necessary to have obtained a Bachelor's degree from the domains of business, management, economics, or trade. In their bachelor's degree applicants must have completed an academic piece of work (final project or dissertation) that demonstrates a degree of academic writing and research experience.

no professional experience is required for these master's programs;

English Language Requirements

IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL Equivalent. Click here for an overview of the equivalent scores. The TOEFL Code of Wittenborg is 4889.

The English language proficiency level requirement is ½ a point higher than the minimum national requirements in the Netherlands.

Last updated Aug 2020

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Wittenborg is a “boutique university” with a primary focus on management as it relates to disciplines in society. Our personal attention to your education is very important. It is for this reason that ... Read More

Wittenborg is a “boutique university” with a primary focus on management as it relates to disciplines in society. Our personal attention to your education is very important. It is for this reason that we take quality seriously and are accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation organisation (NVAO) and Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA). Read less
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