Professional Program in Accounting (PPA)


Program Description

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, through the Department of Accounting and Business Law in the College of Business, offers a PPA leading to the awarding of the BBA and the MAcc. Students selected for the PPA enter in the spring semester of their third year and complete the program at the end of their fifth year. The curriculum emphasizes the development of ethical judgment, business decision-making skills, and teamwork, and encourages students to intern with a business appropriate to their career path during the spring semester of their fourth year.

A variety of different career paths are available to accountants. Accounting professionals work in public accounting in audit, consulting, tax and financial planning, providing services to a wide range of organizations. Accountants also enjoy financial reporting, tax, and managerial accounting careers with companies in all industries, in all levels of government, and in educational institutions as professionals and as educators. As businesses, governments, and individuals generate and utilize information at accelerating rates in an increasingly global environment, public trust in the value of the information and the financial reporting of firms depends on the highest integrity, dedication, and expertise of the accountants in each of these career paths.

Admission Requirements

A student must be admitted to the PPA program. Admission to the PPA program is based on the applicant's undergraduate grade point average at the time of application and the score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Other relevant examples of academic ability and leadership may be considered in evaluating applicants. Students should plan to take the GMAT before the end of the second semester of their third year. Test scores should be sent directly to the University's Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Degree Requirements


To receive a MAcc degree or a PPA (combined BBA and MAcc), a student must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.00 and must have at least a 3.00 grade point average in all graduate accounting coursework.

Required Business Core

The PPA program follows the curriculum requirements for the university core and the business core for undergraduates. All PPA students must complete at least 45 hours of junior- or senior-level courses and satisfy all other AACSB accreditation requirements as specified in the Undergraduate Catalog. Coursework in the student's concentration must be approved in advance by the PPA student's advisor.

Graduate Coursework

PPA students are required to take 30 semester hours of graduate coursework, including at least 21 hours in accounting. Graduate courses are integrated into the PPA curriculum beginning in the second semester of the fourth year.

Keystone Scholarship

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About the School

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The College of Business supports the mission of the University by serving the higher educational needs of business students in the region. Programs are designed to help students advance their education in business to become more productive citizens, further their careers, and pursue advanced studies within a changing global environment. Undergraduate programs offer selected specializations built on a foundation of general education and a broad business core. The Master of Business Administration program provides more advanced general management education with selected concentrations. The Master of Accountancy program offers advanced accounting studies. The College promotes a high code of ethics, special concern for student learning, and the effective use of technology. Teaching and the resultant learning are the highest priority of the College. To that end, faculty intellectual contributions of applied scholarship and instructional development are emphasized. Faculty development, community service and involvement in professional organizations resulting in service to key stakeholders are stressed. The College solicits input from its primary stakeholders through advisory councils. Read less
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