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Al-Madinah International University Master In Da’wah
Al-Madinah International University

Master In Da’wah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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English, Avestan, Malay

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Jan 2024

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The idea of establishing Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) was created by a group of renowned Muslim scholars who wanted to provide contemporary Muslims with modern yet suitable educational tools which would equip them for the harsh reality of living in the Muslim world today – a world that is desperately plagued by war, prejudice, poverty, injustice and illiteracy.

By facilitating e-learning, Al-Madinah International University can be easily accessed by students from all corners of the world at any time or place of their own choosing.

In establishing this university, we had to draw ourselves a different path from other universities. We were determined, with the assistance of Allah, to establish a scientific edifice to be a bridge that could be used by knowledge seekers and knowledge generations to reach the different sciences. We chose to establish this edifice based on modern technology, as it is the most important tool in the present era that a learner needs to have the keys to the future in an era where all aspects of life are controlled by technology. There is no more office or house without the tools of modern technology.

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