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At Altinbas University, we provide students from around the world with knowledge, skills, and competencies for them to flourish within a global society, by fostering a culture of excellence. Wherever you are from, whatever you plan to study, our global reach, academic excellence, and dedicated support can help you on the road to professional and personal success. As Altinbas University, we set an example as a center of excellence by making a difference in education with our top quality academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Learn more about why Altinbas is the best choice for you.

Wherever you are from, whatever you plan to study, our global reach, academic excellence, and dedicated support can help you on the road to professional and personal success. Altinbas University has the aspects below for support of your education. You have many reasons to choose Altinbas as your study destination. Make your application by clicking the apply button on our website and join us at Altinbas!

  • 9 Undergraduate schools, 1 Institute of Graduate Studies,
  • 1 Vocational School of Health Services, 1 School of Foreign Languages
  • Providing over 75 Academic Programs
  • There are 3 Campuses, 1 Dental Hospital and 1 Affiliated Hospital in the heart of Istanbul
  • 9 out of 10 students provided with scholarships
  • Turkey's 3rd Best Education Services Exporter! It means one of the institutions with the highest number of international students as quantity.
  • The highest percentage of international students among Turkish Universities!
  • 5600+ international students, 12000+ students from 96+ countries in total, (of which 46% are international and 45% female)
  • There are 80+ active student clubs
  • Altınbaş University Library with 56.553 publications, over 1.350.000 electronic books and e-journals
  • 40.000 m2 largest health sciences campus among the foundation universities in Turkey
  • Student/faculty member ratio 4 to 1
  • 1 fully equipped student guest house with a total housing capacity of 362 students
  • Links with more than 270 universities in 45+ countries
  • Business partnerships with 100+ companies

Strong Academic Staff

  • With Ph.D. degrees obtained from internationally known universities
  • With teaching experience at the best universities and work experience at national and international institutions
  • With national and international projects and publications

Effective Education

  • Education in small classrooms
  • Active learning and hands-on experience
  • An academic advisor for each student
  • Strong educational infrastructure

Strong Foreign Language Education

  • Education in English
  • Professional English courses embedded in the curricula
  • Academic staff experienced in teaching English

Strong Computer Education

  • Compulsory computer courses in all departments
  • Opportunity to follow courses, homework, and projects on the Internet

Flexible Program Structure

  • Common courses in most of the departments during freshman year
  • Flexibility to transfer between departments
  • Minor and Double Major programs
  • Possibility of taking graduate-level courses
  • Individual programs are developed according to the interest of the student

Education with a close connection with the world

  • Internships
  • Social responsibility projects
  • Entrepreneurship courses
  • Summer schools and joint programs with universities abroad

Support for Finding Employment

  • Career center support helps students to find jobs before graduation
  • Employment opportunities at the holding companies

Scholarship and Financing Opportunities

  • A high number of scholarship quota
  • Achievement grants
  • Opportunity to pay the tuition fee in 2 installments
  • Student employment opportunities at the university

Advantages of Postgraduate Education

  • Scholarships for those who will pursue a Master’s Degree education at the university
  • Opportunity to audit courses as a guest student with reduced fees after graduation
  • Opportunity to attend certificate programs with reduced fees

City University in Istanbul

  • Rich history, culture, and natural beauty
  • City of entertainment, youth, and students
  • Relatively cheap and quality life options

Campus Features

    Visa Requirements

    Student Visa

    Depending on nationality and bilateral agreements between Turkey and other countries there is more than one visa or entry option available for international students. International students can enter to Turkey with or without visa depending on nationality and bi-national agreements. These are regular consular visa, e-visa, passport, national ID, airport visa entries. Once you have an idea of how you will enter Turkey and what is most convenient for you, you will be able to apply for.

    Please check your country’s eligibility and/or apply by clicking on If you are exempt from a tourist visa for Turkey, you need not apply for a student visa at the Turkish Consulate. You will simply enter the country with a passport valid for the complete length of stay plus 60 days.

    A student visa will still be valid, but must be issued from the consulate (and Turkish Consulates in some countries no longer issue these visas for Turkey). The student visa however, is a single-entry visa.

    We refer you to the official Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage on which you may scroll down to country-specific information for further details:

    For a more detailed information, you can contact us.

    Residence Permit

    International students need to register with the local authorities (Göç İdaresi) and obtain a Residence Permit (İkamet Belgesi) within a month after their arrival. In order to apply, students should get an online appointment from the Directorate General of Migration Management of Turkey.

    Students need to get the following items ready prior to the appointment date.

    1. Passport, the original, and the copy (copy of the Data Page, copy of the page which bears the stamp of the date of entrance into Turkey, and if you had a visa, copy of the page bearing the visa for Turkey will be needed. If you came to Turkey with an e-visa, then you will need to submit a copy of your e-visa along with your application). Please note that, in order to get a residence permit, you need to have a passport valid for at least the next six months.
    2. A valid health insurance policy (you may apply for one in the international office if you would like to get private health insurance)
    3. Student Certificate (Öğrenci Belgesi) issued by the Registrar’s office (the student certificate should not be older than 10 days so you need to get a current student certificate before your appointment)
    4. Statement of income (this is simply a notification regarding sufficient and sustainable resources for the duration of your stay. You may obtain the notification form from the international office. Migration Management may ask for supportive documents if they feel the need later on)
    5. Copy of the previous residence permit (if there is any)
    6. If the name, middle name, and surname in the student’s passport is stated all together in one section (not separated), it is required to obtain a name equivalency certificate from the consulate or embassy of the home country (it is important if your surname is not separately mentioned. If it is the case, please contact your home country’s embassy or consulate. The same applies to the students with an abbreviation in their names. They will need to obtain a name equivalence certificate stating their full name without abbreviations).
    7. If you are under 18, the signed documents from your parents regarding their permission for your study in Turkey and its notary-approved sworn translation (you may obtain a sample of such a permission letter from the international office). Along with the permission letter, you need to submit your birth certificate (or similar documentation) proving that the signatories of the permission letter are your parents.
    8. Receipt of 125 TL residence permit fee (the fee can be paid to the tax offices in Fatih or Eminonu or in Ziraat Bank Branches)
    9. Copy of your online registration (appointment papers)


    Admissions are open, Apply NOW! You can find the guide to apply below;

    Here is the link to apply:

    Applications for Altınbaş University are free of charge and made online from our website.

    You may follow the instructions in the link and you can succeed your application process. Instead of a mobile device; PC is ecommended.

    You can check our programs, languages and fees from the following link;

    You may find the eligibility criteria of our university at the following link;

    If you want to transfer from another university to Altınbaş University please read the following information; After you have applied and got your Offer Letter, you should send your approved(signed/stamped) Transcript and Course Descriptions to [email protected] to see which of your courses will be transferred into your studies in Altınbaş University.

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      Mahmutbey, Dilmenler Cd. No:26, 34217 Bağcılar/İstanbul, Turkey, 34217, Istanbul

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