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Montpellier, France

5 Years


Full time

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EUR 6,900 / per year *


* EU students 1st year


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VIDEO GAME IN 5 YEARS (Master’s degree equivalent)

Goals of the Video Game Cursus

  • Acquire advanced artistic and technical skills in the field of gaming: video games, traditional games and new forms (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Alternative Reality)
  • Learn how to learn and how to understand what you learn
  • Master professional studio habits: knowledge of the trades and the video game industry, iterative development methodology, artistic direction, production management and follow-up, audiovisual law, management, business creation
  • Master the software: UE4, Unity 5, Game Maker Studio 2, CryEngine, 3ds Max, Painter / Designer Substance, Maya, Zbrush, SpeedTree, Houdini, etc.


Beginning in the third year, the student must focus on a specialization to refine his profile and skills.

Game Design

Goals of Game Design Specialization

  • Become the master of the game and convey a message through a fun experience
  • Master the methods of design and interactive narration
  • Know and understand human psychology and player theories
  • Develop the ability to analyze fun systems
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate across fields and supervise teams developing video games

Game Design Courses

  • Game & Level Design
  • Scripting
  • Ergonomy
  • Concept Development
  • Using collaborative tools
  • Transmedia/Crossmedia
  • Serious Game
  • Gamification
  • Connectivity and Collective Intelligence
  • Iterative conception

Game Designer Profile

As a film director, the Game designer builds the game: story, rules, goal… The Game design is very important in a video game production process. He designs the gameplay (game concept) and game mechanics. His first goal is to make a game the more attractive possible.

Qualities :

  • Curious and open minded
  • Attentive to the world and its evolutions
  • Multi-skilled

Game Art

Goals of Game Art Specialization

  • Live interactive experiences
  • Master the methods of creating 2D and 3D universes
  • Know and understand the human and animal physiognomy
  • Ensure the artistic direction of a game: from concept to the realization of animated assets integrated into the game

Game Art Courses

  • 2D Graphic Design
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • 3D modeling
  • Texturing and lighting
  • Ambiance and narration
  • Game engines
  • GUI Design
  • Character and Environment design
  • Motion design
  • Ergonomy and User Experience
  • Concept Art
  • Artistic direction
  • Research and Development around new game technologies (ARG, AR, VR)

Game Artist Profile

The Game artist creates the art concept and the graphic universe of the video game (character design, colors, textures, and backgrounds…). He is in charge of the artistic direction of a game: from the concept to the integration of animated assets into the video game.

Qualities :

  • Profile of versatile 2D / 3D artist
  • Solid skills in CG
  • Creative, inventing, and innovating


Learning about Video Games: Being Relevant


  • Comportment: develop attentiveness and goodwill
  • Knowledge: develop skills around gaming genres and digital arts
  • Know-how: create digital works and design play objects (maps, 3D models, stories, etc.)

Admission Process

  • BAC (or equivalent) +2 years of higher education studies
  • Present an artistic portfolio demonstrating skills around the specialization you want to pursue
  • Participate in an individual interview and complete a written exam


The Future of the Game: Envisaging the Scope of a Project


  • Comportment: develop erudition and pedagogical techniques
  • Knowledge: developing knowledge around the new video game uses and media
  • Know-how: carry out digital work and design fun products (prototypes, game jams, external collaborations, etc.)
  • Creation of a professional portfolio
  • Professional internship opportunity


Creation of an Original Game, Graduation Jury & Preparation for the First Professional Position

This year is entirely devoted to the development of a graduation project and the transition into a professional environment.

During this year, students test their ability to supervise a team and projects in conditions identical to those within production studios.

Professionals intervene throughout the year to bring their expertise and share their experience.

The fifth-year concludes with the presentation of an original game prototype in front of an audience of players and professionals. The game testing and formal presentation allow professionals to measure the quality of students’ profiles.


  • Comportment: develop autonomy and solidarity
  • Knowledge: developing knowledge about the industry and entrepreneurship
  • Know-how: produce a fun prototype of the original game and create digital communication materials around this prototype

Admission Prerequisites

  • 1st YEAR: BAC (or equivalent) + artistic portfolio + individual interview + written exam
  • 2nd YEAR: BAC (or equivalent) + 1 year of higher education courses (preferably in Fine Arts) + artistic portfolio + individual interview + written exam

Annual Tuition & Fees (2019/2020)

Year 1: 6 900 €

Years 2 to 5: 7 900 € per year

  • Registration fees (EU student): 1st time (350 €) / renewal (250 €) / Additional costs to anticipate (Social Security, equipment and school supplies) Beginning in their second year of studies, all students are required to have a personal computer.
  • Registration fees (Non EU student): 1st time (850 €) / renewal (350 €) / Additional costs to anticipate (Social Security, equipment and school supplies) Beginning in their second year of studies, all students are required to have a personal computer.

Application Period

Online application period: November 2018 to May 2019.

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