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BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University Master in Applied Mathematics
BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University

Master in Applied Mathematics

Moscow, Russia

2 Years


Full time

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Mathematical simulation is one of the most promising scientific areas ensuring progress in various technical fields. It is based on the latest achievements in physics, mechanics, chemistry, and other fundamental sciences externalizing them in a rigorous form of mathematical models, which allow conducting simulation experiments with the help of modern computers. The “Model-Algorithm-Program” triad is a tool making it possible to obtain the necessary amount of reliable information on the research object quickly.

There are many striking examples of mathematical simulation, which helped find a solution (often, an unexpected one) to the most hard-to-crack scientific and technical problems causing a breakthrough in the development of not only technical fields but also of the disciplines which might appear to be far from the exact sciences, such as biology, economics, and even philology.

Mathematical simulation proved to be a universal means to carry out both scientific research and technical development: from creating rocket and space complexes comprising the most recent scientific and engineering achievements to the decoding of the nucleic acid molecule genetic code.

The Department of Applied Mathematics combines not only the acquisition of practical professional knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary for conducting science-intensive research and developments, but also obtaining a fundamental education, which gives graduates the opportunity to master their skills in different scientific and engineering fields. It also enables masters in applied mathematics to get better adapted to the ever-changing and hardly foreseeable situation in the industrial and scientific spheres, as well as in the economy in general.

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The list of application documents

  1. Questionnaire (please, contact us by e-mail: [email protected] to get the questionnaire)
  2. A readable copy of your passport with information necessary for the invitation (please, note, that your passport should be valid at least 1,5 months after the date of your entry student visa)
  3. A copy of the medical certificate issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country, confirming the absence of disorders incompatible with studies at university
  4. A copy of the medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS, issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country
  5. A copy of education certificate (with certified translation into Russian) with the list of disciplines and results of tests and exams
  6. Six photos (3×4 cm, color, mat).

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