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BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University Master in Biomedical Systems and Technologies
BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University

Master in Biomedical Systems and Technologies

Moscow, Russia

2 Years


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The faculty of Biomedical engineering is the first faculty in Russia for studying bioengineering. The features of education at the faculty include a comprehensive study of engineering and biomedical disciplines both within BMSTU, as well as at large enterprises and clinics, including Pirogov, The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Hospital, Research Institute of Test Medical Equipment, Sechenov Medical University, Burdenko Hospital.

Fields of research include

medical equipment for the treatment of various diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, the means of remote monitoring of vital parameters of the human body, control systems, and tracking, bio-renewable materials and living systems.

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A stem cell culture being looked at under a microscope.

Specialty ”Biotechnical system and devices”

The scientific basis of a specialty make: the biophysics determining fundamental principles of functioning of alive systems, the theory of biotechnical systems describing technical and biological subsystems, the managements connected by a uniform control loop, methods of measurement and analysis of biosignals

Feature of study is interdisciplinary character; alongside the general fundamental preparation of MSTU students for a deeper understanding of medical and biologic processes, study a number of disciplines including biology, biochemistry, anatomy, pathology, physiology and clinical medicine. Lectures are spent on the basis of the Moscow Medical Academy by I.M.Setchenov.

The special main preparation is given at studying the newest laser, ultrasonic, electronic and other medical devices and systems with the use of modern projection technologies.

The future experts pass practice in the leading medical-technical centers and institutes of Moscow.

Graduates work in large centers, institutes, and organizations that are carrying out development and research of new kinds of medical technics.

Within the limits of individual plans to students the opportunity to specialize in the field of management in public health services and biomedical engineering is given, and also alongside with the diploma of MSTU to receive the diploma in average medical education. The graduates who have shown a propensity to scientific work can continue scientific researches within the limits of the 7-th year of training with the subsequent entrance in postgraduate study.

Specialty "Engineering in a medicobiologic practice"

The specialty " Engineering in a medicobiologic practice " is based on fundamental physical and mathematical education, and also on the knowledge received by students in cycles of medicobiologic and medicotechnical disciplines (functional anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, biomechanics, information medical technologies, technologies of monitoring of vital signs-important of an organism, gauges, and sensor controls, medical biotechnical processes and systems, military and aerospace medical technics).

During training, students receive unique interdisciplinary preparation in the field of creation, uses and researches of modern medicotechnical information technologies and the complex equipment in medical practice.

The teaching of disciplines is spent by experts of the university, the medical institutes, leading research-and-development centers among which Main Military Clinical Hospital by N.N.Burdenko, the Russian State Medical University.

Directions of preparation are closely connected with practical civil and military medicine and focused on application and creation: medical-diagnostic technologies with the use of new mathematical, physical and physiological approaches, modern program medico information products, wide application of computer technics and communication systems. Features of a specialty are knowledge and skills allowing to spend modeling and management of processors in an alive organism, to estimate self-descriptiveness of methods and algorithms of diagnostics and monitoring, to create new technical methods and means for diagnostics and treatments.

Preparation is based on scientific achievements of medicotechnical school of MSTU and given at studying the newest devices, systems, and methods for remote therapy and noninvasive diagnostics means of monitoring of vital signs-important, features of the practical application of hardware-software means in medicine. The educational process is closely connected with directions of scientific work of university laboratories. The students who have shown a propensity to research work are recommended for 7-th year of training and postgraduate study.

Graduates work in the leading medical centers, hospitals, and scientific research institutes, system of commercial medical services, representations of firms. There is an opportunity in addition to receive average medical education.

On faculty teach: 5 professors, doctors of science, 8 readers, candidates of science, 7 teachers are full members of the Russian Academy of Medicotechnical science, the Russian and foreign scientific organizations.

The list of application documents

  1. Questionnaire (please, contact us by e-mail: [email protected] to get the questionnaire)
  2. A readable copy of your passport with information necessary for the invitation (please, note, that your passport should be valid at least 1,5 months after the date of your entry student visa)
  3. A copy of the medical certificate issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country, confirming the absence of disorders incompatible with studies at university
  4. A copy of the medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV/AIDS, issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country
  5. A copy of education certificate (with certified translation into Russian) with the list of disciplines and results of tests and exams
  6. Six photos (3×4 cm, color, mat).

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