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CANVAS Ecole Art-Mode is a Swiss Arts College specialized in Fashion and Graphic Design. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the school has over 25 years’ experience training students to enter the Visual Arts and Fashion industries. The school offers a unique selection of creative courses that allow students to obtain the theoretical and practical skills needed to master their chosen discipline.

With a wide range of courses and degrees, CANVAS allows students the freedom and flexibility to tailor-make their own course schedule. With a selection of short and long courses, students can study at their own pace knowing all classes offer European Transfer Credits (ECTS) which may later be applied towards a degree program.

A Springboard to Launch Your Career as a Creative

CANVAS provides students with the answer to how to launch their career in the Visual Arts or Fashion industries. As a pioneer in higher education in the fields of Design, Fashion and Fine Arts, CANVAS has over 25 years’ experience training creatives.

Based in the heart of Lausanne (in the French-speaking part of Switzerland), CANVAS has grown significantly over the past 15 years. Its founders were trained in the Swiss Hautes Ecoles in Fashion and Graphic Design, and are passionate about design and pedagogy. They created CANVAS with the ambition of bringing quality technical training to students interested in becoming tomorrow’s Fashion Designers, Tailors, Graphic Designers and Illustrators.

Recognized by Swiss professional and educational bodies alike, CANVAS’ programs are certified by the Swiss state bodies (CIO, AI) and the European Federation of Education (FEDE).

Experience in Service of Creativity

CANVAS is recognized for its high level of distinction in the arts. Its students have regularly performed well in some of the most prestigious European design competitions.

The school boasts a dynamic and experienced faculty who are attentive to the realities and demands of the professional integration of its students, adapting and adjusting their teaching methods in order to meet the needs of each learner while preparing them for the demands and expectations of the labour market.

The school offers both daytime and evening classes, along with the possibility of following degree and certificate programs on a part-time basis to allow students to build a personalized timetable that suits their needs and allows for the management of their professional and personal obligations.

CANVAS is proud to be part of a large and influential multicultural community of passionate creators. The school offers a multicultural artistic approach that takes into account the various cultures of our world, and allows for the personal and professional enrichment of its students.

A Creative Pedagogy

CANVAS’ training combines a theoretical and practical approach to the artistic and technical aspects of the creative professions it prepares its students for. The teaching methodology and tools give students an in-depth understanding and mastery of their chosen discipline in order to allow them to establish themselves professionally by the end of their training.

In partnership with professional companies, workshops and ateliers, CANVAS offers its students the educational flexibility to gain professional experience while studying and is always attentive to the ambitions and objectives of each student. Work placement projects provide students with direct market experience and help them to develop an initial professional network.

A Large Selection of Programs

CANVAS provides accessible training in the fields of Fashion Design, Tailoring & Fashion Techniques, Graphic Design and Illustration. The school’s programs are constantly being updated and reviewed in order to keep up with the evolution of practices and trends in the fields of Fashion, Design and the Visual Arts.

The school offers a wide range of internationally recognized degrees and certificates, including:

  • Short Course Certificates
  • Preparatory Certificates
  • Foundation Degrees
  • Specialization Degrees
  • Bachelors Degrees
  • Evening Classes

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

CANVAS’ degrees in Fashion Design, Tailoring & Fashion Techniques, Graphic Design and Illustration, are of a superior professional standard and are integrated into the equivalency of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) offering higher-level degrees on the ‘3-5-8’ model (Bachelors – Masters – Doctorate). This system is based on the program workload and the study hours needed to achieve the objectives of the program.

Join CANVAS to take your training to the next level and ensure you reach your creative objectives!


  • Lausanne

    Avenue de Sévelin 46, 1004, Lausanne