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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH Master of Arts in Creative Production (Film)
Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH

Master of Arts in Creative Production (Film)

Berlin, Germany

1 Years


Full time, Part time

31 May 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 13,750 / per year



Bring your film proposal to life through our flexible framework for negotiated and self-directed learning. This MA programme enables you to pursue your chosen interest or specialisation through an iterative practice-based research approach that combines artistic and academic processes.

You’ll be supported by seminars, workshops, individual and group supervision, guest lectures and our modern filmmaking facilities. Our seminars and workshops provide a thorough grounding in practice-led research theory and methodology alongside a wider range of research in audiovisual storytelling and the arts. You’ll also have opportunities to collaborate with other Catalyst students from the Film & Visual Media, Acting and Music & Sound schools.

Rather than supplying you with answers, the taught component is intended to stimulate curiosity, widen and deepen frames in your field of interest, grow conceptual reference and – most importantly – to provide a set of tools with which to explore and develop your personal research ideas. By identifying and engaging with the creative processes that your proposal demands, you’ll be given the scope to innovate and challenge your capabilities as a filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, writer, producer or audiovisual artist, whilst building an industry profile and vision.

During this intensive and challenging year (or 2 years, part-time), our expert tutors will supervise and guide you through a constant cycle of imagination, creation, critique, self-discovery and growth.

What Is Creative Production?

Creative production is an intentionally broad term that not only encompasses traditional film production and cinematography, but also audiovisual art, interdisciplinary and multimedia works, narrative and world-building and creative nonfiction. You’ll investigate for yourself the most appropriate production methods to express your ideas as fully as possible. Then, go through a cycle of critique and hone back in on your proposal, allowing it to morph with newly-discovered concepts, meanings or influences.

Watching and reflecting upon yourself doing the action is an invaluable process. One which can convert vulnerabilities into strengths, barriers into new pathways and fears into exciting new frontiers for exploration. Consider this a turning point – a moment to define or redefine the next chapter of your career whilst asking yourself this essential question: Who are you and what does your work contribute to the field of cinema and audiovisual arts?

International learning community

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – it’s hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavour and learning! Through the lens of an international cohort of students, we aim to promote and support the exchange and debate of philosophical, political, social and ethical issues from a range of different cultures and backgrounds.

Our engaged postgraduate community is then well-placed to spearhead these conversations and create work that addresses the challenges of a multicultural but ever more connected world – to see our shared human concerns, whilst celebrating our diversity and our mutually enriching differences.


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