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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH Master of Arts in Creative Production (Music)
Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH

Master of Arts in Creative Production (Music)

Berlin, Germany

1 Years


Full time, Part time

31 May 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 12,750 / per year



Pursue your chosen area of interest, desired specialization, or passion project through an iterative practice-based research approach in our Creative Production (Music) MA. Throughout this intense and rewarding production period filled with substantial creative work, you'll be fully supported by workshops, guest sessions, seminars, individual mentoring, and collaboration with a diverse group of peers.

Widen and deepen your frames of musical and conceptual reference, while exploring your own creative voice and artistic projects. Our seminars and workshops provide a thorough grounding in practice-led research methodology, alongside a wider range of research in sound, music, and the arts.

The one-year (or two-year, part-time) course provides a clear but flexible framework for negotiated and self-directed learning. You'll be introduced to a tried and tested approach to research that puts artistic production and performance front and center. We'll stimulate your curiosity, and give you a set of tools with which to explore and develop your personal research ideas and concepts, empowering you to then apply those ideas using our industry-standard facilities.

Join an inspiring community of students from around the world who will act as mentors, peers, collaborators, audiences, and fellow travelers. With deep critical reflection and input from this truly international community, you’ ll get to define or redefine the next chapter of your practice, whilst asking yourself this essential question: What will you use this time to create?

What Is Creative Production?

Creative production is an intentionally broad term. Within the realm of music, it covers – but isn’t limited to – music production, recording, composition, programming, performance, sound design, improvisation, instrument design, sound art, sound for games, sounds for film, field recording, artistic research, critical theory, new media, cross-media,, or interdisciplinary work. For us, creative production refers more specifically to the iterative process of production and reflection, rather than the outcomes you aim for or the mediums you choose to work with.

Through exploration and innovation, your capabilities as a music producer, sound engineer, electronic music artist, performer, composer, or sonic artist will develop and excel, if that is your chosen route. Equally, you can undertake projects with practitioners from other artistic fields to grow your own practice and creative industry profile. You bring your field of interest and your inspiration as a starting point, and we’ll help you develop from there!

International Learning Community

Our international creative campus is located at the historic Funkhaus in Berlin – It's hard to imagine a better location for creative endeavor and learning! Through the lens of an international cohort of students, we aim to promote and support the exchange and debate of philosophical, political, social, and ethical issues from a range of different cultures and backgrounds.

Our engaged postgraduate community is then well-placed to spearhead these conversations and create work that addresses the challenges of a multicultural but ever more connected world – to see our shared human concerns, whilst celebrating our diversity and our mutually enriching differences.

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