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CESI - School of Engineering

CESI - School of Engineering

CESI - School of Engineering


CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs gives each engineering student the opportunity to build a tailor-made career path in which he or she is an actor, through a five-year school, under student status, apprenticeship, or ongoing training; 32 optional courses and 25 campuses in France.

A tailor-made path to ensure your future

CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs gives each engineering student the opportunity to build a tailor-made career path in which he or she is an actor, through a five-year school, under student status, apprenticeship, or ongoing training; 32 optional courses and 25 campuses in France.

Become an engineer with CESI

Being an engineer today means holding a prominent position in the company. The engineer must be multi-talented, possess both scientific and technical knowledge, and have a good understanding of the mechanisms of management and administration.


Key figures

  • 60 years experience in training future engineers;
  • 43 000 graduates;
  • 7 902 students in 2020;
  • 1/5 of the work-study programs students in France enrolled at CESI (apprenticeship);
  • 10 Executive Post-Master degrees – CGE labeled;
  • 120 partners all over the world;
  • 8 000 partner companies.

    Campus Features

    25 campuses in France

    CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs covers the whole French territory with 25 locations: a tailor-made path to get the same degree.

    Community life

    More than 100 active and engaged clubs allow a dynamic campus life.

    Events all year round

    The BDE (Student Office) and the BDS (Sports Office) contribute to campus life. Elected each year by the students, the BDE is in charge of all the events of campus life.

    There are over 100 clubs and associations on campus. After school life is thriving! Thursday afternoons are generally dedicated to associative life and ECTS credits are allocated according to the projects.

    Students can lead or participate in a variety of activities, join different sports, cultural or humanitarian events, often on a national scale:

    • Participation in competitions of the Grandes Ecoles : e=M6, Course Croisière de l’EDHEC, Euromanager, 4L Trophy, 24H de Stan, Coupe de France de robotique, SwitchUp Challenge Cisco, Défi H, Challenge du Monde des Grandes Écoles…
    • Organization of humanitarian missions: drinking water in Nicaragua, library in Mexico, mutual aid for Haiti…
    • Cultural and sporting activities: music, karting, football, volleyball, salsa, organization of weekends (skiing, European capitals) …

    The Integration Seminar

    The integration seminar takes place at the beginning of the 1st year of the Undergraduate Course on the 25 CESI campuses.

    This seminar aims to provide an introduction to the year’s agenda and the pedagogical approach of the program.

    In an entertaining way, the students will be initiated to the problem and project-based pedagogy.

    This team project will also introduce them to other types of learning such as:

    • Engineering sciences and techniques,
    • Cross-disciplinary skills in the engineering profession.

    The Integration weekend (WEI)

    Each year, a team is formed to organize the WEI. This key event at the beginning of the school year gathers new and former students from each campus.

    This first stay allows new students to better integrate into their class. For the former students, they meet their friends and colleagues.

    An exceptional place is always chosen for the WEI and many sporting and recreational activities are offered!

    World Students’ Night (NEM)

    Each year for the past 17 years, French cities have welcomed international students through a festive program, the Night of the World Student #NEM,

    coordinated by Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the AVUF (Association of University Cities of France) in collaboration with the CROUS (Regional Student Welfare Office), and higher education stakeholders.

    In 2019, 25 cities in France have organized this welcome evening dedicated to international students, with concerts, games, shows, etc.

    Our campuses are associated with the events organized in their city to encourage international students to join in.

    Erasmus Days

    In October, we celebrate Erasmus+, and more broadly mobility and European citizenship.

    All our students are invited to attend the festivities organized locally on our campus or in the city.

    Cultural and sporting activities

    Our campuses also take part in ErasmusDays and offer a range of European and international events throughout the year, often organized by our students. In order to facilitate the reception and integration of international students, students can become “buddies” or sponsors of international students.

      Scholarships and Funding

      Grantees at CESI

      In accordance with its social inclusion policy, CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs welcomes Grantees and Scholarship students in all its programs and degrees.

      CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs endeavors to provide learning environments that are inclusive and which are supportive of fair and equitable treatment of all students, no matter their social identity, meaning the various attributes or characteristics with which one strongly identifies and views as integral to their identity. This commitment requires the removal of unnecessary barriers to greater diversity within CESI and requires measures to support and promote inclusiveness, diversity, and equity across the institution and among its partner companies.


      • Arras

        7 rue Diderot, 62000, Arras

        • Rouen

          80 rue Edmund Halley Rouen Madrillet Innovation Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray , 76800 , Rouen

          • Reims

            7 bis avenue Robert Schuman, 51100, Reims

            • Nanterre

              93 boulevard de La Seine CS 40177, 92023, Nanterre

              • Le Mans

                44 avenue Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, 72000, Le Mans

                • Orléans

                  1 Allée du Titane, 45100, Orléans

                  • Strasbourg

                    2 allée des Foulons Parc des Tanneries BP 50016 Lingolsheim, 67380, Strasbourg

                    • Saint-Nazaire

                      Boulevard de l’Université, 44603, Saint-Nazaire

                      • Nantes

                        1 avenue Augustin Louis Cauchy La Chantrerie, 44307, Nantes

                        • Dijon

                          22 B rue du Cap Vert Quetigny, 21800, Dijon

                          • La Rochelle

                            Bâtiment Lab In’Tech 8 rue Isabelle Autissier Lagord, 17140, La Rochelle

                            • Angoulême

                              Pôle d’excellence 40 route de la Croix du Milieu La Couronne, 16400, Angoulême

                              • Lyon

                                La Doua 15 avenue Albert Einstein Villeurbanne, 69100, Lyon

                                • Bordeaux

                                  Immeuble le Phénix 264 boulevard Godard CS 90113, 33070, Bordeaux

                                  • Montpellier

                                    Immeuble Le Quatrième Zone Aéroportuaire de Montpellier Méditerranée Mauguio, 34130, Montpellier

                                    • Aix-en-Provence

                                      La Canopée 390 rue Claude Nicolas Ledoux, 13290, Aix-en-Provence

                                      • Nice

                                        8 rue Emmanuel Grout, 06200, Nice

                                        • Pau

                                          8 rue des Frères d’Orbigny, 64000, Pau

                                          • Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy

                                            CESI École d’Ingénieurs spécialité Informatique 14-16 Allée de la Forêt de la Reine, 54500, Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy