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Constructor Institute Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering
Constructor Institute

Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

2 Years


Full time

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CHF 20,000 / per year



The complex, ambitious, and innovative future software systems developed by successful technology companies require a particular kind of leader, possessing both in-depth technical knowledge and excellent leadership abilities. Some traditional master’s programs train software developers, and others train classical managers, but they often fail to deliver the digital-technology-savvy leaders that leading-edge companies need for such positions such Product Manager, Chief Information Officer, Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and others requiring competence on both sides.

The Master of Science in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Leadership at Constructor Institute Schaffhausen addresses this urgent need.

The research-oriented master’s program includes a wide range of courses and projects covering a broad spectrum of quantum technologies, computer science and software engineering topics as well as essential management and leadership skills.

To prepare students for the role of technology leaders in research and industry, the CSSEL master’s program provides a strong software engineering training covering both development and management, as well as core technical courses in three areas that lie at the heart of modern IT systems:

  • Software engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Leadership skills modules

Courses are taught by experts in the field, including permanent Constructor faculty and guest lecturers from various companies. The program mode is hybrid, allowing students to participate in lectures on-site, online, and in a hybrid way, as they are broadcasted and recorded simultaneously. Among others, a substantial advantage of hybrid pedagogy is it allows the students to start the program before their visa process is completed.

By completing the master’s program, students acquire the core expertise of digital leaders, with a strong technological backbone, and essential management and leadership skills, making them ready for active leadership in the digital technology field. Constructor Institute’s multi-country setup prepares them to play a key role in today’s global and multiethnic societies. While many students join the industry in high-profile roles, the CSSEL program is also an excellent preparation for Ph.D. research in software engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other advanced topics.


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