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The increasing globalization and technological advances have changed the way we communicate, work, live, and learn. A lot of changes have characterized the economy and societies over the past year, driven by a rapid and disruptive digital transformation.

To embrace digital evolution and adapt to the constant wave of technological disruption, we need to have a strong commitment to continuous change, education, and personal and professional development.

Advance your education is the key to facing the challenges of globalization, getting the skills for the jobs of the future, and standing out in today’s competitive job market.

At Digital Age University we create opportunities for students and professionals to develop their entrepreneurial skills, discover their strengths, and learn how to rise to new challenges.

Through a diverse range of online programs, we provide the knowledge and the experience to get a multicultural perspective of the economic and digital evolution, giving students the personal support they need to succeed and realize their full potential.

I welcome you at DAU and wish you all the best in your academic studies, personal lives, and future professional careers.

Our mission

Digital Age University is a leading institution committed to educating students and professionals to develop and use knowledge to impact and drive innovation.

We are experts in online education and digital-based knowledge and we provide students and professionals the skills they need to succeed in today's evolving job market.

Our mission is to educate the next generation of global citizens, through innovative and flexible programs designed to provide the skills and competencies needed to build a successful career at the international level.

Support the acquisition of digital key competencies and prepare students to face the challenges of the evolving global job market.

Learn, accelerate, and be prepared for the digital transformation

Digital transformation increases the effectiveness of business operations and performance and requires highly skilled professionals able to lead the transition to digital culture and tech infrastructure. Through DAU master and executive programs, you will develop creative problem solving and the ability to make connections across domains in order to drive innovation.

Your learning experience at DAU

Our Master's and executive programs are designed to enhance employability and meet the global market needs.

100% Online, empowered, personalized, and self-directed

Hyper-connected learning process based on experience, informal and social interaction with teachers and professionals from all over the world.

A global community of students, offering a diverse set of perspectives for efficient knowledge transfer and networking.

An interactive, direct and engaging online study model based on the use of advanced learning tools.

Scholarships and Funding

Digital Age Scholarship Program:

At Digital Age University we put students first, and through our scholarship program, we allow talented people from different countries to access our online master programs, regardless of their financial situation and geographical and cultural background. During the academic year 2022 and 2023 the University has allocated more than 2 million euros in scholarships and grants to support qualified students and professionals to achieve their dreams and objectives and get the digital skills they need to be competitive in today's evolving job market.

All candidates (first-year, transfer, and international) are eligible to apply to the 20% Merit-Based Scholarships and to the 30% Global Scholarship dedicated to students from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In order to apply to the scholarship program, students are required to complete the application form available on: and upload in the form their bachelor's degree or transcripts, the curriculum vitae, and a valid identity document. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the academic merit and professional experience of the students and their country of origin.

All students applying to the scholarship program will be notified about the result of the evaluation by the admissions office by email.


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