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If you want high quality education, but at almost half the cost of universities in the West, you should come to Japan. Ehime University is a national university and its labs are well-equipped. Unlike master courses in many Western countries, the education is very research-oriented. You will be in the lab or in the field working on your own projects which your supervisor will help you to design. Our graduate schools have been accepting international students and providing instruction in English for over 20 years and even locally-based research is carried out with a global perspective. We make an effort to design research projects which will teach skills that you can use when you return home to enhance the sustainbility of your countries resources.

Tuition and living expenses

Entrance fee: 282,000 JPY (about 2,800 USD)

Tuition: 535,800 JPY (about 5,300 USD)

*Over 96% of the international students who apply do not need to pay tuition.

Accommodation (rent and utilities): 20,000 to 35,000 JPY (200-350 USD) /month

Daily expenses (food, etc.): 50,000-80,000 JPY (500-800 USD)/ month

Support for International Students

Ehime University has accommodation facilities which can accommodate up to 118 international students, and bicycles are provided to these and other students. Financial support, such as scholarships and tuition exemption, is provided especially for privately funded students. About 90% of the privately funded students at Ehime University benefit from some form of financial support. To facilitate international exchanges, several friendship or volunteer associations, both in and outside the university, hold parties and events on a regular basis, providing international students with many opportunities to communicate with local citizens and learn about Japanese culture. A local NPO provides used household goods for free to Ehime University international students.


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