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Ehime University Master in Earth Science and Astrophysics
Ehime University

Master in Earth Science and Astrophysics

Matsuyama, Japan

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Apr 2024

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The Graduate Schools of Engineering (established in 1967) and Science (established in 1978) were unified, and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering of Ehime University started in 1996. This Graduate School was reorganized in 2006.

The main educational objective is to offer opportunities for professional development and career enhancement to the students through lectures and research activities, which range widely from basic science to practical engineering fields. Interdisciplinary researches between science and technology can also be carried out easily as well as cooperative or project researches in the Graduate School.

Earth Science and Astrophysics

This division aims to nurture the researchers who have advanced knowledge and research competency through the studies on the structure and dynamics of the Earth, planets, and universe in GRC and RCSCE. The division consists of four terrains of high-pressure mineralogy, the theory of Earth and planetary materials, galaxy evolution, and X-ray astrophysics.

Research Fields

  • Development of high-pressure technology and its application to the internal structure of the Earth.
  • Theoretical and computational study of minerals and modeling the Earth and planetary interiors.
  • Study of structure and evolution of the Universe. In particular, the study of active Universe through cosmic X-ray emission, and development of instruments for X-ray observatory.
  • Study of high energy phenomena in the Universe. In particular, observational study of black holes and the structure and evolution of the Universe.
  • Observational studies on the formation and evolution of galaxies and supermassive black holes. Studies on the chemical evolution of the Universe.
  • Mantle Dynamics; Studies on flows, deformations, and evolutions of the Earth's interior based on the computational fluid dynamics.
  • Experimental study on the phase transition, crystallization, self-organization of minerals.
  • Experimental study on transport properties (such as rheology) of deep Earth materials.
  • Computational study of the existence and its effects of volatile elements in the Earth's interior.
  • Space plasma physics, fast magnetic reconnection based on MHD and kinetic theory and numerical studies.
  • Observational studies of galaxy formation and evolution. History of star formation and mass assembly of galaxies.
  • Observational research on the evolution of galaxies, supermassive black holes, and the Universe.

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