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ENEB is a 100% online business school specialized in high performance Master and Postgraduate training based on distance pedagogical methodologies. ENEB teaches several international reference programs in Spain and Latin America, training senior officials throughout the Spanish-speaking community.

Why ENEB ?

Academic excellence

ENEB is a business school specializing in Master's and Postgraduate training in high performance based on distance pedagogical methodologies. ENEB teaches several international reference programs in Spain and Latin America, forming high-level positions throughout the Spanish-speaking community.

ENEB is headquartered in Barcelona, third best business city in Europe, after London and Paris and the second European city that best promotes itself as a business center according to the EUROPEAN CITIES MONITOR report carried out by the consulting firm Cushman and Wakefield.

Through the virtual campus and our 7/24 method you will be permanently accompanied and advised by the team of tutors, so that your learning is complete and to be able to solve all the doubts or questions that may arise throughout your studies. We provide flexible hours to combine your studies with your personal and professional activity, a study system completely adapted to your needs. You can consult the study methodology here.

All the Masters, Postgraduate and Advanced Courses that ENEB teaches are accredited by the University Isabel I, which has been projected within the European Higher Education Area by granting ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) in all the school's educational programs, guaranteeing the homogeneity and the quality of the studies.

Committed to quality and excellence, the European Business School of Barcelona has been awarded, along with EAE and IMF Business School, with the Cum Laude 2018 quality seal as the best business school valued by its students. In addition, it has obtained the EFQM certificate of excellence with the highest score and is a center associated with the University of Isabel I. ENEB is registered by the Ministry of Industry and collaborates with the Barcelona University Center.

El País newspaper has recently published a list of the best business schools located in Spain, assessing their quality. ENEB occupies the first position endowing it with a rating of 4.7 out of 5, thus recognizing its prestige and quality as a leading business school in the sector. In addition, it is also positioned in the financial newspaper Financial Magazine as the second best distance business school in Spain, as well as in the ranking of the best International Business Schools in Club MBA and third best online MBA in Spain according to the MBA Portal.

International Character

ENEB is a global and international business school, aimed at training business executives and experts in the business field, offering the possibility of studying both in Spanish and Portuguese. With a wide variety of Master and Postgraduate programs, the European Business School of Barcelona provides the management tools and the necessary skills to successfully manage any department of management in companies. According to the Financial Times "owning an EMBA or MBA has a direct effect on career and salary progression." To facilitate the procedures, all non-EU students may request the apostille service in all administrative documents issued by the school. / Pexels


Triple Titration

At ENEB we do not only ENEB on theoretical training in business knowledge, but we also include a Specialization Course in Coaching and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) in all of our Master's programs so that you can and will be able to apply this knowledge in managing and managing teams with In order to achieve professional success in any company.

All of our training programs are accompanied by the Business English Program, an optional and free course of negotiation level English which will allow you to work in an international work environment. Thanks to the agreement of ENEB and Trinity College London, all students who have successfully completed the Business English Program will be able to continue their education at the school and opt for the official ISE II certification.

Upon completion of the studies of our Masters, you will receive a triple degree issued by ENEB endorsed and certified by the University Isabel I:

  • Title of the Master's Degree
  • Diploma of Specialization in Coaching and NLP
  • Business English Program Certificate

To facilitate administrative procedures, all non-EU students may request the apostille service in all administrative documents issued by the school once they complete their training programs by paying the corresponding fees.

The single legalization process - called apostille - consists of placing an apostille or annotation on the administrative document itself that will certify the authenticity of the documents issued in another country by the European Business School of Barcelona. The signatory countries of the XII Convention of the Hague Conference on Private International Law of October 5, 1961 therefore recognize the authenticity of the documents that have been issued in other countries and bear the apostille. You can check the apostille process here.

Gift Tablet

In ENEB all our students have the most advanced technological resources to carry out their studies in the most efficient way possible. That is why when you enroll in any of our Master programs, you will receive a free tablet to study without limits and with total freedom.

Committed to the environment, all our studies are taught 100% in digital format. Our study model will allow you to download all the content of our training programs and visualize them on the tablet or any other device studying comfortably from anywhere in the world.

Employment exchange

ENEB is recognized by the most prestigious companies in different sectors. His training, adapted to the current reality of the working world, allows the student to develop perfectly in any company and can develop a promising professional career. To make this possible, the school has an agreement with important business firms and a job bank where you can receive weekly job offers.


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