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Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University founded in 1976 as Vocational School and Erzincan School of Education and Higher Education set out with the mission of a World University in Anatolia; it is a university with a strong infrastructure based on science and technology, and has the vision to innovate and continually improved research and development; is also aims to spread the total quality approach to all academic and administrative units and to make internationalization in all areas centered on the University-Industry cooperation.

One of the main goals of our university is to educate our students as free-thinking individuals with broad horizons to reach their ideals in all academic education and teaching lives. For this purpose, our university, which serves with its young and dynamic structure, brings its students together with activities and projects that will bring difference and innovation in scientific, technological and social fields.

Our universities are not only educational institutions. They are the information centers that carry out studies on the development and contribution of the city, region, and country in which they are located and shed light on research and innovation. Our university, which set out with the mission of a World University in Anatolia, has made great efforts to reach further targets by evaluating the conditions and expectations of our region in the best way possible. Our University will bring a difference to higher education with the help of its performance, quality, international working environment, and educational activities

We will always keep up the horizon of Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University with these feelings. We will continue our way with research, knowledge production, innovation, and development.


To train highly qualified individuals with a human-centered learning approach based on science and reason in accordance with our country’s values and objectives of the international scale by producing science and technology and to contribute to the sustainable development of the region and the country, and to make efforts to solve the problems of the society.


To become a world university in Anatolia.


Respect for Humanity: Erzincan University staff offer human-centered work offer to each other and all individuals they provide service as its principles.

Sensibility to the community's problems: Erzincan University employees are susceptible to the highest level to the country and region’s social problems of the society in which they live according to the task.

Scientific authenticity and freedom: Scientists at Erzincan University take it as a principle to respect scientific ethics in all academic activities to solve humanity’s problems in the region and in the country.

Justice and Equality: Erzincan University administration and employees act respecting justice and equality in all services provided.

Search for perfection: Erzincan University always aims for perfection in services, education, and scientific works provided.

Universality: Erzincan University as a rule of its vision center on universal values in science, education, and services for the community.

Environmental Awareness: Erzincan University employees are highly susceptible to the protection of the environment and natural balance.


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    Alikahya Fatih, Turkey