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ESAB Fachhochschule für Sport und Management Potsdam

ESAB Fachhochschule für Sport und Management Potsdam

ESAB Fachhochschule für Sport und Management Potsdam


The sport has evolved in the 21st century. Century developed into one of the most conspicuous social phenomena worldwide.

The University of Applied Sciences for Sport and Management Potsdam - as a non-profit institution of the Brandenburg State Sports Association (LSB) - has developed the focus on sport and health as an independent specific profile. During implementation, boundaries are crossed in teaching and research, relationships with other subjects are cultivated and networks are built up with practice.

In the course of the increased importance of sport for society as a whole, an expanded understanding of sport has emerged, which e.g. B. includes the sporting movement in preventive and therapeutic contexts as well as the management for the organization of companies from the sports and exercise industry. As a result of these developments, sports science is also in a phase of upheaval.

At the same time, the need for scientifically trained specialists and for reliable knowledge and effective knowledge transfer is increasing. The growing societal and individual challenges to sport therefore also place new demands on training and further education, which go beyond the previous traditional responsibilities of sports science.

On the one hand, the demands on the established integrative disciplines of movement and training science are increasing due to the growing complexity in the development of athletic performance. Due to changing social requirements - e.g. B. the growing importance of prevention to maintain health or prevention of diseases - new interdisciplinary teaching and research areas such as "sport and health" are developing. On the other hand, the growing number of companies and institutions in the sports and health sector require specialists who can combine sports-specific knowledge with management and organization.


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