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ESCAC - Escuela superior de Cinema y Audivisuales de catalunya Master in Production
ESCAC - Escuela superior de Cinema y Audivisuales de catalunya

Master in Production

Barcelona, Spain

1 Years


Full time

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EUR 7,500 / per year *


* € 6,900 Early Bird before May 1, 2021


The Master in Production is made up of Postgraduate Programs in Production Management and Film Business.

The two programs are complementary as well as independent, and can be taken separately without necessarily doing both.

This course delves into the theoretical-technical aspects of film production, enabling the student to successfully manage the production of a feature film or any other audiovisual work, from the conception of the script to the standard copy.


Theoretical-practical classes: the student will develop during the Postgraduate course in a real feature film project, working on the different aspects of its production process.

Masterclasses: the course offers different sessions in the form of masterclasses in a complementary way to the main subjects. In them, leading figures in the audiovisual business share their life experience with the students.

Teaching team

The teaching team is made up of professionals working in the film, audiovisual and advertising sectors, together with ESCAC's own professors who accompany the students daily in the execution of their internships.

The faculty of the ESCAC Production department has the following professionals among its ranks, both in intensive seminars, annual subjects or master classes:

  • Ester Velasco (The silence of the swamp, You will not kill).
  • Marta Rodríguez (The girl from the song, Animals).
  • Toni Carrizosa (The call, Enemy cosmetics, Look what you've done).
  • Neus Trullén (Mindscape).
  • Aintza Serra (My dear brotherhood, Eva).
  • Eneko Gutiérrez (I want you, Anacleto: Secret agent).
  • Marta Ramírez (The Orphanage, The daughter of a thief).
  • Carlota Planas (Sabatellini & Associats).

Proyecta Awards

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the organization of the Proyecta Awards, the awards given to that part of the film industry that is usually invisible to the general public but which is essential to get the films to them: distributors, exhibitors , marketing agencies ..

The awards were promoted from the ESCAC Film Business studios in 2013 and already in the first edition they got the support of a large part of the country's industry. Since then, the students of each year have taken over, taking charge of selecting the nominees in each category, and determining the winner of the Inspira Award, an award given to those professionals in the industry who “inspire” the students in a special way. This meeting brings together a large part of the film industry and is a beautiful way to end the course, establishing synergies between the current industry and future talent in the industry.

The Film Business students are in charge of the first phase of the voting, selecting the films or works nominated in each category and proposing candidates for the winner of the Inspira Award.

Data of interest


Classes are taught in Spanish, although ESCAC reserves the right to teach some of them in English if the teaching staff so requests.


From September 6, 2021 to December 23, 2021


Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Face-to-face (* Given the possible extraordinary circumstances that may occur during the course, the Postgraduate may include streaming content.)


The Postgraduate in Production Management is part of the production itinerary and if the Postgraduate in Film Business is also taken, the Title of Own Master's Degree in Production is obtained, of 60 credits and a price of 10,800 euros.

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