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ESIC Business & Marketing School Master of Lifelong Training in Marketing and Commercial Management [GESCO]
ESIC Business & Marketing School

Master of Lifelong Training in Marketing and Commercial Management [GESCO]

12 Months


Full time, Part time

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Apr 2025

EUR 20,900 *


* Madrid and Barcelona | Valencia: €19,600


Prepare to lead business change with a master's degree in marketing and business management, a program focused on people, leveraging the power of data and technology.

Through this comprehensive management program you will be able to acquire the necessary skills to lead marketing, business development and commercial management functions. They will enhance your critical-analytical thinking to be able to anticipate the market and develop business opportunities in complex omnichannel environments. Technology and data condition both the consumer and the B2B client in their decision-making process, which is why the company's marketing and commercial plans must respond to this new ecosystem.

You will develop the management skills, Soft-Skills, necessary to face challenges in increasingly global, uncertain and technologically disruptive environments, where ethical and socially responsible behavior of people and companies is a growing demand from all Stakeholders.

Once you finish the program, you will be able to obtain the title of Master of Lifelong Training in Marketing Management and Commercial Management issued by ESIC University.

Why study Marketing and Business Management?

Marketing goes far beyond advertising and communication. We seek to develop your competencies and management skills necessary for your professional development in two areas that are closely linked.


There is now a need to adopt a more strategic position focused on the consumer, data-driven decisions and revenue generation, taking into account concerns around corporate responsibility, sustainability and ethics. Combining marketing and commercial management techniques will give you a holistic vision to face the present.


The marketing and commercial functions are essential to achieve objectives in a company and collaboration between both areas plays a critical role in generating new business opportunities in a company. For this reason, it is normal for a person to go through both departments during their professional development. By studying both areas, you will be able to assume the direction of both directions, whether being Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) or General Director of Marketing and Sales.




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