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Euroinnova International Online Education

Euroinnova International Online Education

Euroinnova International Online Education


Euroinnova International Online Education , is a center for Higher and Postgraduate Studies specialized in open, online and distance learning at an international level, whose objective is to respond to the training needs of companies, workers and individuals.

Currently we are in 16 countries, we have a staff of 150 teachers and collaborating experts in more than 400 Training Areas and with e-learning technology specialized in Approved Online Courses, Distance Courses and Baremables University Courses in teaching, secondary and Health Job Boards.

All this, together with the rigorous pedagogical criteria and the provision of personalized attention to the student by our team of teaching experts, guarantee quality learning obtained by AENOR.

Euroinnova International Online Education is one of the companies with the highest rate of growth in the national panorama of distance learning. Our main headquarters are in Granada, but our expansion policy has meant that we currently offer a local service in different Latin American countries, thus consolidating our development process.

Our student club has more than 20,000 members, where thousands of educational resources are available. We also have a Job and Internship Exchange where currently hundreds of companies from different sectors have already incorporated more than 30,000 executives and middle managers from more than 4,000 large companies nationally and internationally.


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    Calle Chile, 18230, Atarfe