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GEMA Business School Master in International Marketing Management
GEMA Business School

Master in International Marketing Management

Rome, Italy

4 Months


Full time

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EUR 7,000



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Why a Master’s degree in International Marketing Management?

The Master Program is tailored for those that want to obtain an International Marketing specialization, starting from Marketing Fundamentals to International Marketing, Digital Business, and Social Media Communication.

The Program goals will touch on various types of learning: fostering attitudes and values, developing competency in performance, and acquiring information and concepts.

The participants will develop skills and competencies in critical elements of strategy: business (marketing, marketing research, sustainability, and social media communication, etc.), planning and design thinking, leadership and emotional intelligence, and ethics. Thanks to the partnership with the Saint Joseph’s University of Philadelphia (USA), one of the most representative academic institution in the US, all the training activities (lectures, researches, assignments, project works, etc.) will be held in English by Faculty Members, Visiting Professors and Guest Speakers from American and International business context.

In order to allow students to be properly prepared to deal with the international experience, GEMA Business School has designed a “Starting Path” as a first phase of the Master Program that will be held in Rome and focused to the following areas: Marketing and Communication Fundamental, Team Building and Personal Skills.


Applicants should not be older than 30 years and have a relevant first Degree from a recognized University or other equivalent higher education Institute. In addition, candidates should demonstrate a B2 level (QCER) of English language knowledge or above, minimum standard requested by Saint Joseph’s University to attend its classes.

Every candidate will be expected to have an interview with school admission officers in order to assess motivation, attitudes, starting level of competencies and expectations.

Learning Goals and Methods

International Marketing Management Master Program expects to build next marketing professional experts, giving them the opportunity to acquire new concepts and get practical competences. Students will foster their attitudes and values and develop competency in performance while learning theories and principles about Marketing and Communication.

The learning method will leverage the participants’ potential in order to give them the opportunity to assess their competency levels and identify areas for development, to reinforce concepts, theories, and applications in helping them to think broadly and lead strategically, to develop skill and competency in strategic planning, leadership and emotional intelligence, business and ethics. All classes are held in English so to improve the language skills together with core topics.

Key Benefits

• Acquisition of international marketing competencies together with a definitive improvement of English language skills

• Life and study experience in two different countries (Italy and USA)

• Proven practical and experiential learning methodologies and tools

• Opportunity to obtain an internship at the end of the program

• Partnership between two prestigious educational institutions (GEMA Business School and Saint Joseph’s University)

Programme Phases

Phase 1: November/December (Rome)

Phase 2: January/April (option 1) - January/August (option 2) (Philadelphia)

Phase 3: May/December (option 1) – September /March (option 2) (Italy)


  • GEMA – Rome (Italy) – 2 months
  • CONTENTS: Marketing Basics and Fundamentals


  • SJU – Philadelphia (USA)
  • Option 1 – 3,5 months
    • CONTENTS: International Marketing – Social Media and Organization – Strategic Change and Leadership – Innovation and Design Thinking – Collaboration and Conflict in International Teams
  • Option 2 – 7 months
    • CONTENTS: same topics of above, with an additional active learning module consisting in tasks, project works and experiences in order to develop practical skills.


  • Companies and Organizations – Italy – 3/6 months
  • Internship opportunity in Companies and Organization based mainly in Italy where the student can implement what learnt during master experience. Every student will be offered the chance to be candidate for a 3/6 months period position

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