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Hawaii Pacific University Master of Arts in Organization Development and Change
Hawaii Pacific University

Master of Arts in Organization Development and Change

Honolulu, USA

1 Years


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Lead change in a rapidly developing world with HPU'S MAODC Degree.

  • Experiential learning – explore real-world problems.
  • Work with actual businesses and organizations on projects.
  • Learn from professors with years of experience in the field.
  • Can be completed entirely online, seated, or hybrid.
  • Interdisciplinary program – Psychology, behavioral science, systems science, management.
Did you know?

HPU’S MAODC program is affiliated with the International Society for Organization Development (ISOD).

The MASUST program takes on the challenging intersections of such global and local challenges by equipping students to evaluate and (re-)produce resilient and sustainable responses. Students are prepared with the competencies needed to analyze and evaluate human-natural systems in order to develop and distribute both strategic and future-oriented solutions for the public and private sectors. Collaborate with local stakeholders to search for the underlying causes of environmental, economic, and social problems. Design and lead responses that produce sustainable outcomes for the current and future generations.

  • Length of program: 1-2 years
  • Entry terms: Fall (on-campus, online, hybrid), Spring (online, hybrid), Summer (online, hybrid)
  • Program delivery: on-campus, online, hybrid

Today’s world is extremely complex and experiencing tremendous social, economic, political, and climate change. Organizations need leaders who can understand the complexity of organizational systems from small businesses to international entities. At all levels, they need agents of change who can master this rapidly changing world, new technologies, workforce needs, and government regulations. Graduates of the MAODC program can find many options for rewarding careers across a wide array of industries and organizations.

Organization development involves an ongoing process of implementing effective organizational change interventions. OD is a field of applied science focused on understanding and managing organizational change and is interdisciplinary in nature and draws on social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, theories of motivation, learning, and personality. Along with the behavioral sciences, the practice of OD has incorporated new and emerging fields of study including systems thinking and organizational learning, into a much more multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to change and organizational effectiveness.

Organization Development and Change processes are planned organization-wide, designed to increase organization effectiveness and health, through planned interventions in the organization's "processes,” using behavioral and systems science knowledge focusing on developing organization capability through alignment of strategy, structure, processes, people, rewards and metrics. Leading change is often conducted through organization, leadership, professional and talent development as well as organizational effectiveness activities. Opportunities for organization development and change professionals include business, education, not-for-profit, government, international NGOs, politics, and consulting.

Why do students like you choose this program?

  • Hands-on learning with real-world cases and partnership organizations.
  • Multi-disciplinary view of systems in science and learning.
  • Opportunities in business, education, non-profit, government, NGOs, politics, and consulting.
  • Mentorship opportunities.

Why HPU for Your MAODC?

The Master of Arts in Organization Development and Change (MAODC) program at Hawaii‘i Pacific University prepares you to be a global problem solver. Our graduates facilitate organizational and cultural change around the world and often return to guide and mentor. Students explore concepts from management, sociology, anthropology, organizational development, the psychology of technology, and economics. They design innovations and work with programs in actual organizations.

A diverse faculty and student cohort bring an international perspective to the curriculum. When designing and implementing positive organizational change, one important consideration is recognizing cultural diversity. The MAODC program takes a global view. HPU features a multicultural learning environment that takes full advantage of Honolulu’s status as an international business community.

MAODC faculty members are excellent teachers and engaged mentors for all students. Our professors bring real-world experience and relevant knowledge from businesses and organizations around the United States and the world.

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Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

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