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HKU Business School Master of Finance in Financial Technology
HKU Business School

Master of Finance in Financial Technology

Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong

1 Years


Full time

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HKD 420,000 / per year *


* subject to change and final approval by The University of Hong Kong


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Programme Aim

The HKU Master of Finance in Financial Technology (MFFinTech) Programme aims to prepare students for a career in the ever-changing world of finance – a world fueled by constant technological advancements and innovations. Through our courses, students will gain essential knowledge and skills in finance, FinTech, and digitalisation necessary for navigating the changing landscape of the finance industry. Not only should students have a strong understanding of finance and technology in the digital age, but also a well-balanced critical awareness of ethical and regulatory constraints and knowledge of the hottest industry trends. Business opportunities generated by “big data” in finance and insurance, along with other emerging digital technologies including blockchain, AI and cloud computing will be explored in detail. Graduates are expected to be technologically adept and business savvy individuals who can offer innovative solutions to finance-related industries.

Mode and Duration of Study

The MFFinTech programme extends over a minimum of one academic year and a maximum of two academic years for full-time study. Most students tend to finish the programme in one academic year.

Courses are offered on a modular basis to allow students to focus on one area of study at a time. There are 6 modules in one academic year and each module is six to eight weeks long, including the examination week.

Students usually take 2 courses per module and there will be 4 three-hour classes each week.

Medium and Course Assessment

The programme will be taught in English.

Assessment of each course may include assignments, mid-term examinations, project papers, and course work, as well as a final examination, which is normally held at the end of each course unless otherwise specified.

Multidisciplinary Faculty

With the interdisciplinary academic focus of the programme, students are required to complete courses from different disciplines focusing on FinTech. These courses equip students with the essential knowledge and capabilities to apply technological innovations to financial services, e.g., blockchain and cryptocurrency, financial fraud analytics, regulations of financial markets, etc. Backed by experts in artificial intelligence, cyber securities, financial regulatory issues and financial engineering, the programme covers different FinTech topics, including Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Blockchain and Crypto-currency, and Regulations of Financial Markets.

Led by HKU Business School, the MFFinTech programme features strong multidisciplinary training, with courses jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Law. Students are able to acquire cutting-edge technical skills and a broad understanding of the potential legal, economic and societal impacts of FinTech.

Career Industry Opportunities

  • Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Brokerage and Investment Firms
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
  • FinTech startups
  • Treasury Departments of non-financial corporations
  • Technology and internet companies
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Consulting and Accounting Firms

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