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Hongik University Master of Mechanical Engineering
Hongik University

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Seoul, South Korea

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Mar 2024

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The educational goals of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are to train specialized professionals to secure national competitiveness in the field of mechanical engineering through the convergence of mechanical-systems-engineering-design, as well as to provide personality education. These goals can be made through a specialized curriculum of full-nature liberal arts education, major-based education, and professional education programs.

The graduate school focuses on fostering welcoming technicians in industry research institutes through specialized education, and contributes to improving technology and securing competitiveness in the overall field of mechanical engineering, a national field of technology, by discharging advanced brain personnel who can be responsible for introducing new technologies and improving analytical design skills in the field of mechanical engineering and related high-tech fields. The Doctoral program promotes research that contributes to humanity through academic creativity and practical application, and is focused on training professors and researchers who can contribute to the national society through new research and development.

The curriculum is characterized by specialized training in the field of mechanical engineering through various mountain, academic, and kite cooperative studies, the acquisition of theories and concepts through in-depth lectures and thorough experiments, and seminar activities by various groups, and the curriculum specialized in each specific major is organized to acquire problem solving skills and application skills in related specialties as well as academic values.

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