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IA School Master in Artificial Intelligence & Management
IA School

Master in Artificial Intelligence & Management

Boulogne-Billancourt, France

2 Years


Full time

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EUR 15,580 / per year *

Blended, Distance Learning, On-Campus

* 1st year Master: € 7690. Master 2nd year: € 7890.


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Discover the Master's program in Artificial Intelligence & Management

The IA School is the Great School of Artificial Intelligence. It is a hybrid school offering a dual curriculum, both technical (programming & mathematics) & Business (Artificial Intelligence Management) located in Paris or Lyon and offering distance learning.

The Master in Artificial Intelligence & Management cycle is a 2-year program and aims to allow students to consolidate their managerial and technical knowledge in AI.

This program gives students a double specialization in Big Data (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, Neural Networks), and in AI Management (GDPR Regulation, Digital Marketing, social media monitoring, etc.). enables our students to acquire dual skills in Big Data and Management, allowing them to become Engineer-Managers. From the 1st year of the Master Cycle, students are assigned to the Data Analyst or Data Scientist course according to their programming level.

We develop the employability of our students through numerous corporate missions with our institutional partners.

Practical information

Accessible for: Level Bac 3 (Bachelor or Bachelor)
Output level: Tray 5
Recognition: Recognized by the State as Level I RNCP
Rhythm: Alternation or Initial

Master's program in Artificial Intelligence & Management

The two years of Master at the IA School allow our students to follow a double course in Big Data and Management with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

The courses of the Data Analyst or Data Scientist course are divided into three main categories so that our students can link the fundamental management courses with the IA specialization courses.


  • business Finance
  • Corporate law
  • RGPD regulations
  • Innovation management
  • Relation Client
  • Strategic Marketing of Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • From Digital to Big Data
  • Digital Entrepreneurship

Programming & Mathematics:

  • Python
  • Machine Learning 1 & 2
  • R level 1 & 2
  • SQL introduction
  • Neural networks
  • Deep Learning
  • Statistics in action
  • Data Analytics with Spark
  • NPL (Natural Processing Language)
  • Visual Computing
  • Mathematical foundations of the science of data
  • Regression

Acculturation of the AI:

  • IA Strategic Management
  • Information market
  • Data Science and Social Network Analysis
  • Knowledge Management and Digital Capabilities
  • New information technologies
  • Engineer-society and controversy

The semester abroad:

IA School students have the opportunity to complete a full semester at one of our partner universities starting in the second year of integration.

The universities that host our students have been chosen because they share with the IA School the same mission: that of allowing future Data Scientists to have a training based on a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.



The IA School places the company at the heart of its educational program.

For that, we propose two rhythms:

  • The curriculum in Initial:
    This course is divided into two:
    • 2 days of basic courses
    • 3 days of electives and projects. These projects are carried out in partnership with associations. The objective for the students is to apply the theoretical knowledge validated during the two days of fundamental courses.Students will be able to join a company and become professional through one or more internships.
  • The course alternation:
    The alternation rate over one week is 2 days in training and 3 days in a company, with the objective of professionalizing students and raising their awareness of the business world.
    We offer two work-study contracts:
  • The Professionalization Contract
    In this form, the student is an employee of the company on permanent or fixed-term contract and the company finances the training.
  • The alternate internship
    For this contract, the student is under the trainee status of the company.
    This form of contract is a solution for students with no or limited professional experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Admission process

Admission to the IA School happens in 3 stages:

  1. Application file, which accounts for 30%. The candidate can fill out his application form online .
  2. Admission interview in front of our jury: To be fixed individually or as part of our admission sessions .
  3. Tests, which you will pass following the interview (logic, general culture and mathematics).

You can also contact one of our admissions officers directly to obtain more information on the conditions of admission on 01 39 71 12 12.

Career opportunities

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Director of Innovation
  • CRM Manager
  • Chatbot Project Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Growth Hacker
  • IA Marketing Manager
  • Financial analyst specializing in AI

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