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Ilia State University

Ilia State University

Ilia State University


Why Ilia State University?

Ilia State University welcomes around 5,000 freshmen every year at all levels of higher education. ISU strives to meet each student's needs and help them reach their potential. Ilia State University equips its students with an all-round experience to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence in order to achieve future career goals. ISU provides an advanced and dedicated academic community where the students can learn from experts and gain the qualification they are looking for.

We offer:

Student-centered teaching - Vibrant relations between professors and students contribute to lively academic collaboration and debates. Students are encouraged and supported by faculty to find their individual research interests during their studies.

Practice based curriculum - ISU collaborates with governmental bodies and international organizations, as well as public and private entities creating opportunities for students to integrate theoretical knowledge into world or work.

Exchange and double degree program opportunities - Since 2012, ISU offers exchange programs to its students and staff in numerous international higher education institutions. ISU offers its students the exclusive opportunity to obtain a double degree diploma with various Austrian and US Universities.

Competitive tuition fees - ISU offers top-class education with competitive tuition fees and flexible payment options in the country and the region as well.

Unforgettable student life - friendly, welcoming community where students can engage themselves in a variety of academic, social and cultural activities.

Join Ilia State University and start your amazing life experience with us!



  • Founded: 2006
  • Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Employees: 301 professors and more than 1000 teachers, researchers and other employees.
  • 4 schools: School of Arts and Sciences, School of Natural Sciences and Engineering, School of Business, School of Law
  • Students: 15 763
  • Study programs: Up to 80 accredited programs on Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. levels
  • Research and learning facilities in many regions of Georgia
  • School of Business: # 1 study destination of Georgian freshmen since 2015


    • Tbilisi

      Kakutsa Cholokashvili Ave 3/5, 0162, Tbilisi