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Université de Poitiers Master of Science in Chemistry (Green chemistry, Catalysis and Environment) - IntREE Graduate School
Université de Poitiers

Master of Science in Chemistry (Green chemistry, Catalysis and Environment) - IntREE Graduate School

Poitiers, France

2 Years


Full time

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EUR 243 / per year *


* These fees do not include the compulsory basic health insurance “Social security” for non-European residents.


If you like chemistry, if you are passionate about research, if you have an open mind and aim for excellence, come and join the Graduate School IntREE (Interfaces for aeronautic energy and environment) and its Master of Chemistry dedicated to research, in the field of interface phenomena between media exhibiting different physico-chemical properties.

Do you know that 85% of industrial processes to produce molecules deal with heterogeneous catalysis which requires an interface between a solid (the catalyst) and a gaseous or liquid medium (the reactant phase)?

The main research domains concerned with this Master of Chemistry will focus on the development of sustainable and eco-friendly processes for green chemistry, environmental remediation, clean energy production and the understanding of interface phenomena to optimize the catalyzed chemical reactions.

The courses will be organized around four main axes

  • Progressive immersion in the two international well known laboratories : Pprime and IC2MP research institutes
  • International mobility
  • Connections with the socio-economic world
  • Disciplinary openness toward the multidisciplinarity

All courses will be taught in English

  1. In addition to their diploma/degree, students will receive the GS label which attests to the excellence of research-based training in the field.
  2. Immersion in state-funded or private laboratories in the field.
  3. All internships are paid positions (of about 550€/month) and additional scholarships will be delivered to promote the international mobility (travel expenses …).
  4. The incoming international mobility of highly ranked students is also encouraged by grants limited to 4000€ per project (travel expenses, welcome box, and scholarship).
  5. International reputation in aeronautic, transport, energy and environment.
  6. Individualized follow-up to students and the learning through lectures, tutorials, laboratory classes, workshops.


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