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IMT Nord Europe Specialized Master in Circular Economy Engineering applied to Sustainable Materials
IMT Nord Europe

Specialized Master in Circular Economy Engineering applied to Sustainable Materials

1 Years


Full time

06 Jun 2025

Sep 2025

EUR 7,500 / per year *


* €7,500 for young graduates continuing their studies or job seekers or people financing on a personal basis; €12,500 corporate rate


The objective of the Specialized Master in Engineering of the Circular Economy Applied to Sustainable Materials is to develop the expertise of professionals confronted with emerging problems of recycling of sustainable materials, eco-design, in particular in the regulated context of the law anti-waste for a circular economy. The proposed approach focuses on the sector from the perspective of creating territorial or even national value in the sector of activity, and responding to skills and professions in tension, identified by France Compétences.

This Specialized Master emphasizes the positive impact of the circular economy on society by promoting sustainable practices and the recyclability of materials.

Industrial ecology principles are integrated into the design of circular value chains and resource management.

The program integrates scientific and technical projects to enable testing of the proposed solutions.


  • Securing sources of recycled raw materials and their exploitation to increase their reuse
  • Propose recycling processes for sustainable materials that are more environmentally efficient or more economical
  • Adapt existing products to optimize their performance by facilitating their recycling and/or minimizing their environmental impact
  • Develop sustainable materials by optimizing LCA to minimize their environmental impact.
  • Develop and manage strategic industrial projects around the circular economy
  • Conduct monitoring to anticipate the impacts of environmental policies and regulations.
  • Master the tools and methods for optimizing waste recovery

These skills will prepare you to respond to the complex challenges of the circular economy, and to occupy key positions in organizations committed to creating sustainable solutions for our planet.


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