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International University of Catalonia University Master's Degree in Biodigital Architecture
International University of Catalonia

University Master's Degree in Biodigital Architecture

1 Years


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EUR 9,974 / per year *


* 9.180 € + 480 € (enrollment fees)


Discover Biodigital Architecture

We offer you the chance to take part in the first architecture program that explores the subject from a biological and digital perspective. An avant-garde syllabus and a new, 21st-century concept at your fingertips.

You will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology with new production possibilities. And a whole new world of tools will open up to you, enhancing your professional qualifications and job skills.

Are you ready to see the possibilities awaiting you in the field of digital architecture?

Why choose Biodigital Architecture?

  1. Innovative education. Experiment with genetic-driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, and scripting.
  2. A new vision of cybernetic-digital and environmental processes. Explore concepts such as bio-learning and morphogenesis.
  3. The international approach and premier academic staff. Learn with an international teaching body that has made significant contributions to this new cutting-edge field of bio-digital architecture.


UIC Barcelona's Master's Degree in Biodigital Architecture is a pioneering program of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture that combines architecture, biology, and new digital trends. Since the year 2000, this program has offered a unique approach to architecture from a biological and digital perspective.

The teaching program establishes points of contact between new cybernetic-digital and ecological-environmental techniques. It incorporates experimental concepts, methods, and works that use genetic-driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, algorithms, parametric models, and scripting. An innovative view of architecture that draws from areas such as genetic versus generative, natural versus digital, and the impact of new biologies.

An avant-garde architecture and design program that integrates the latest developments in conceptualization and projection technology: Data-Driven Production, CNC numerical control machines, 3D printers. In short, a non-standard form of architecture that applies and promotes the genetic and digital principles of variation, mutation, and hybridization.

Prospective students

If you have a university degree in Architecture, Engineering, Fine Arts, Design, Landscaping, Biology, or Genetics, this is the right master's degree for you. No previous specialized knowledge of cybernetics or ecology is required.

Job Opportunities

Architecture, Engineering, Design, Art, Teaching, and Research.

The combination of advanced digital technology applied to architecture and biological knowledge will open up a new, as of yet untapped market.

Academic accreditation

University Master's Degree (official), which enables you to undertake doctoral studies.


Digital manufacturing laboratory and genetics laboratory.



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