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Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering


From 21st-century prosthetic limbs to speech recognition software to the widely used COVID-19 tracking map, Johns Hopkins Engineering innovations contribute to the common good. These innovations exemplify the creativity and knowledge that result from faculty and student collaboration.

At Johns Hopkins Engineering, you will be immersed in studies that foster the intellectual, professional, and research skills you need for success. This starts with small class sizes and continues with unrivaled research facilities and expert mentorship that will empower you to achieve—and even exceed—your goals.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a master’s degree on campus in the United States in Baltimore, Maryland or choose to study with us online from your home country, you’ll find your experience packed with knowledge you can use today and in the future.


Where others see obstacles, you see opportunities. When others settle, you still have questions. It’s that same spirit of curiosity and passion for problem-solving that fuels innovation and discovery—and is what drives all of us at Hopkins Engineering. At Hopkins Engineering, you’ll be part of a small community of innovators on campus with big-city access — and a global network. You’ll get to know your classmates, professors, and instructors.

Along the way, you'll meet and learn from scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, inventors, and other experts — including many former Blue Jays. Advance your career, expand your opportunities, or deepen your expertise with a master’s degree in a high-demand field.

Campus Features

There is no limit to the opportunities you will discover-and can create-at Johns Hopkins.

Join one of our many student groups specifically created for graduate students such as GRO (Graduate Representative Organization), WOW (Women of Whiting) and so many more where you can put your knowledge to work while making new friends.

Explore a breadth of career options in engineering and non-engineering fields through summer internships and many programs offered by our Life Design Lab – our office dedicated to supporting our undergraduate and master's students through workshops, events, content, and drop-in office hours.

Get your project funded and your startup underway at FastForward U, our entrepreneurship hub that offers student-led startups. Or get involved and join a community project and deepen your connection to your new home, the vibrant and diverse city of Baltimore.

    Meet the Recruiter | Full-Time Programs | March 30, 2023

    Join us for one or more of these recurring virtual sessions to learn more about our full-time, residential graduate program of interest.

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