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LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts & Design

LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts & Design

LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts & Design


LABASAD is a leading Online Art & Design School, located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. We deliver our masters programs via our revolutionary ONLIVE format, so you can study whenever and wherever you want! All of our programs are 100% online and also live, so we are an online school but with a face-to-face soul.

Why we believe in this

Because you are free to do what you are passionate about, when you want and where you want, with intensity and passion. Because we believe in you, as much as you believe in yourself. Because although we may seem far away, we are very close in reality. Because we have a unique training model that will adapt to and add value to your life, by making all your talents surface and shine.

Because our main goal is that, while you learn, you also enjoy it; you have fun, and you become the best professional that you can be.

Because our programs in design, art, and creativity prepare you for what is to come. Because you don’t have to change your lifestyle; we adapt to you. Because we will accompany you from before you start the program until after you have finished it.

Because the teachers (the best professionals, of course), give classes live, ON LIVE, and if you can not attend or want to review them later, you will always have access to the recordings. Because you will be able to interact with your teachers, inside and outside of class. Because you are in contact with your peers, sharing and learning from them and with them.


  • Barcelona

    Calle Aragón, 326, 1-2, , Barcelona