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Mahawithayalai Huachiew Chalermprakiet (HCU)

Mahawithayalai Huachiew Chalermprakiet (HCU)

Mahawithayalai Huachiew Chalermprakiet (HCU)


HuachiewChalermprakiet University was founded by the Poh Tek Sieng Tung Overseas Chinese Foundation, which is the largest charitable Chinese organization in Thai society. Our constant policy is to support education in order to develop human resources in a project we refer to as “Service to Society and Educational Development”.

HuachiewChalermprakiet University has an institutional history of over fifty years, having a developmental path that can be divided into three periods:

1941 C.E. Huachiew Hospital Midwifery School is established with the aim of producing midwifery supervisors; they are to have knowledge and ability in nursing and midwifery, which is to be applied to the benefit of society and nation.

1982 C.E. Poh Tek Tung Foundation Committee, conscious of the work of the government in developing the nation in accordance with the 4th National Economic and Social Development Plan (1977-1981 C.E.), expands the former Huachiew Hospital into a general hospital offering curative services and advice to people coming to request services in every medical field, and in addition to this, expands the midwifery school into a nursing college where the Faculty of Nursing teaches a Bachelor of Science program in nursing and midwifery and names the college “Huachiew College”, later opening the Faculty of Social Work, with a Bachelor of Social Work program, as an additional faculty.

1990 C.E. is the year the Poh Tek Tung Foundation has been operating for 80 years. The foundation has the constant policy to support and expand the scope of its work in higher education. And to respectfully contribute to royal merit and extol royal honor, humbly recollecting royal great compassion and virtue of the royal pedes of His Majesty the Lord the King and Her Majesty the Lady Sirikit the Queen, the Poh Tek Tung Foundation has a resolution to elevate the status of Huachiew College to that of “University” and receives approval from the University Bureau for its foundation as a university and receives royal great compassion and virtue in the graciously conferred title of “HuachiewChalermprakiet University” on the 11th of May 1992, considered as dearly auspicious institution-wise and having significance to Chinese who have entered under the shade of the King’s grace.

“Huachiew” means “overseas Chinese” and is the name the foundation uses as the name of the foundation’s hospital and college.


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