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MindMetriks - Leaders in Neuromarketing in Latin America

Neuromarketing Services, Strategic Consulting, Neuro Recruitment, NeuroShopper, Sale and Rent of Eye Trackers, GSR, EEGs and Face Coding.

  • Neuro Services Innovation Consulting, Marketing Management, Sales Management and Human Talent.
  • Scientific Evaluation of Brands, Concepts, Campaigns, Products, Packaging, Sensory Marketing.
  • Laboratories of Neuromarketing, Ergonomics, Psychology. Eye Trackers, EEG, Face Coding, Galvanic Response.
  • Neuroscience Services for the selection and development processes of Human Talent.
  • We evaluate your buyer scientifically and the performance of your product at points of sale.
  • Masters and Courses of Neuromarketing and Neuro Sales Specialized by Industries.

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Scientific and Ethical Support

MindMetriks is a member of the Neuromarketing Science

The NMSBA is based in the Netherlands and is the most important Association in the world of Neuromarketing.

MindMetriks in the only company accredited by the NMSBA in Colombia.

Our Founder and current CEO, Luis Fernando Rico Navas , has written neuromarketing articles for magazines such as INSighs Magazine , the only NMSBA magazine dedicated to Consumer Neuroscience and Cambridge Marketing Review, a magazine specialized in Marketing at the University of Cambridge United Kingdom

Proven Experience
MindMetriks in figures:


Specialized Professionals
Our team:

MindMetriks is one of the pioneer companies in Neuromarketing in Colombia and Latin America and one of the leading consulting and distribution companies in Neuro and Scientific Bio Technology for Neuroscience laboratories of the main universities of Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina among others.

MindMetriks has a team of consultants in Colombia, Latin America and Europe, specialized in various strategic disciplines that support and create proposals with a high added value from the analysis of biometric measurements made to users and consumers.

Our team of consultants has staff with more than 20 years of direct work experience in strategic positions in companies such as Procter

We have participated in development processes of innovation plans and new businesses in Europe for companies such as Osram (Leader in the Lighting sector), Panasonic and Trend through unique and focused workshops for this purpose.

Our team integrates disciplines such as Neuro Science, Psychology, Bio Technology, MBAs, Masters in Strategic Business Design, Specialists in Strategic Marketing, Theory of Constrains (TOC), Design of Value Chains for innovation among others.

Finally, we have the experience of being International consultants and speakers on topics such as Strategy, Innovation, Neuromarketing and Neuro Loyalty, as well as participating in the academy in Specialization programs and MBAs in Colombia.

Global vision
Our Operation in the world

MindMetriks is based to provide neuromarketing services in Colombia for all of Latin America and in the United Kingdom for all of Europe.

Thanks to the dynamism of our clients and the market, we have allies in each of the countries where we operate, thus obtaining the local knowledge of each country that we combine with the most sophisticated Neuro Scientific Research techniques worldwide. Experience in countries of the region: Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Nicaragua, Salvador, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina

Our methodological strength allows us to have homologous studies for our regional clients.

What Moves Us
Beliefs and Values in MindMetriks :

At MindMetriks we believe and value:

    1. The integration and experience of the various disciplines: We are aware and value the contributions that each consultant makes through their area of expertise: Anthropologists, Psychologists, Mathematicians, Scientists, etc.
    2. Respect for our clients and participants: Ethics with our participants and our clients will always be above our business.
    3. Solid processes and methodologies: We develop the best neuro-scientific methodologies to integrate them with the well-known traditional research methodologies.
    4. Solutions rather than reports: More than a report you will always find solutions to improve what you are evaluating. We accompany your processes up to 6 months after being evaluated.
    5. The best scientific technology: We are always in search of the best scientific technology to put it at the service of our clients.
    6. Cooperation: We develop cooperation ties with our clients, partners, competitors and associations to improve the level of neuroscience applied to Neuro Marketing, in Colombia and the world.


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