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Mykolas Romeris University Master in Legal Regulation of Public Administration and Human Rights (Joint programme)
Mykolas Romeris University

Master in Legal Regulation of Public Administration and Human Rights (Joint programme)

Vilnius, Lithuania

2 Years


Full time

26 Jul 2024

01 Sep 2024

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Open for public law studies abroad? Concerned about public administration issues and passionate about human rights? Looking for an interesting specialization that expands career possibilities? Willing to learn from the best legal experts with practical experience in the field? Interested in gaining both national and international knowledge in the field and gaining two diplomas in two years?

If any of the above questions are appealing to you, join the international master's degree program on Legal Regulation of Public Administration and Human Rights. This program presents a unique opportunity to gain competencies delivered by two renowned and well-ranked nationally and abroad universities – Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) and National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (Ukraine). Start your 1st semester in Kyiv, spend two more semesters in Lithuania, and complete your two-diploma journey back in Ukraine. Make use of all the advantages of EU students through students’ mobility and practical internships through MRU-wide Erasmus+ and Nordplus+ mobility networks.

Work with eminent and devoted lecturers, legal practitioners, former judges in the European Human Rights Court and Lithuanian Constitutional Court, and public servants in this program. Learn from the best to become the best in your field. Practice in MRU Human Rights Lab getting first work experience. After 2 years of studies, you will receive your master's degree in the field of law with knowledge and skills in two different legal systems. Expand your network as part of an international group and your international career opportunities across European borders.

Public administration and human rights are the sectors, where you can make changes happen! Knowing the modern standards of public administration and human rights, being able to adapt good foreign practices will enhance your competitiveness in the market. Modern study methods, based on experiential learning, will allow you to gain more soft skills and self-confidence, build a strong social network, and consistently plan your future professional career.

Conduct your studies in English. To take full advantage of this program, completed bachelor studies in law and English at the B2 level are required. Invest in your future career today. In the context of the European Union market, MRU offers attractive tuition fees. Scholarships are also available. More information on scholarships here.


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