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Nanhua University Institute of International and Cross-Strait Affairs Master in Green Technology for Sustainability
Nanhua University Institute of International and Cross-Strait Affairs

Master in Green Technology for Sustainability

Chiayi, Taiwan

2 Years


Full time

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USD 1,135 / per semester *

Blended, Distance Learning, On-Campus

* 1135 USD for one semester. International students can apply for scholarship up to full tuition free.


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The Institute aims to cultivate high-level green talents with scientific and environmental sustainability concepts and is the only research institute with "environmental sustainability" and "green technology" as the mainstay. It is divided into "information technology" and "environmental sustainability". The two groups focus on the sustainable use of information technology in the environment and cultivate talents with low-carbon, low-energy, and high-quality biodiversity.

School education goals

  1. To enhance professional knowledge and conscious learning, to enhance professional quality, strengthen the professional force.
  2. Sophisticated practical application and communication and cooperation to strengthen workplace literacy, improve employment.
  3. The implementation of social care and body and mind healthy, to improve kindness, sophisticated vitality.


  1. In accordance with the National University's tuition fee.
  2. 1+1 Dual Degree.
  3. The degree can be completed in one year.
  4. Overseas Shift Learning.
  5. Overseas study grants NT 100,000.
  6. Cross-disciplinary Learning.
  7. Industry Convergence.


Education Resources

  1. Our teachers include lectures and ten professors, professors, and associate professors.
  2. Organize international and domestic seminars, training courses and workshops annually, publish papers, enhance students' international vision, academic research and professional competence
  3. Professional laboratory.


The course emphasizes integration with the industry.

Sustainable green technology-related industrial companies signed a thematic strategic alliance contract, students can use the topic Courses, with the guidance of professors, directly into the enterprise, to assist the development of the necessary professional skills, graduation can be connected to employment, cultivate scientific and technological knowledge and environmental sustainability concept of green talent, in addition to providing local industry development needs talent, the main industry is as follows:

  1. Information Technology: Software, hardware, firmware engineers, or systems analysts in the information industry.
  2. Environmental protection: environmental risk assessment, pollution control, soil and water conservation, organic agriculture, environmental planning, environmental education and ecological conservation, and other engineers.
  3. Sustainable technology: green energy, environmental monitoring, green technology, and engineering, energy-saving green building technology.

Graduation Requirements

  1. 9 credits for compulsory courses, 21 credits for elective courses, totaling at least 30 credits, and graduation.
  2. Before graduation, the first author should publish a conference paper.
  3. Each group must attend a group of more than two core courses.

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