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Södertörn University


Södertörn University is a modern, dynamic, and multicultural university in Stockholm, Sweden. Studying for a Master’s degree at Södertörn University provides you with a world-class education at a modern, world-minded university with outstanding facilities. We are a state-governed university founded in 1996. Our campus is in Flemingsberg, 14 km south of Stockholm city center, where we conduct education and research for sustainable societal development. The university’s key concepts are multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism, and liberal education.

We offer education and conduct research in the humanities, social sciences, technology, and natural sciences, often with a multidisciplinary and intercultural profile, and collaborate with the surrounding community for sustainable societal development. We offer high-quality education in subjects such as political science, journalism, the study of religions, aesthetics, environmental science, police education, social work with an urban profile, and teacher education with an intercultural profile.


Fiscal year 2022

Education and studentsStaff

74 programmes
Around 319 freestanding courses

13 328 students

7 351 FTE students
5 692 annual performance equivalents
77% average performance indicator

946 staff, of which:

77 professors

77 employed doctoral students
28 library staff



224 peer-reviewed articles
26 newly employed doctoral students
12 public defenses of doctoral theses

Proportion of total research funding from external sources 67%

Income: SEK 1,062,266 thousand
Costs: SEK 1,008,436 thousand
Change in capital: SEK 53,831 thousand
First and second-cycle share of income: 64%
Research share of income: 36%
Authority capital: SEK 194,053 thousand
Unused contributions: SEK 185,760 thousand


    • Stockholm

      Alfred Nobels allé, 7 Flemingsberg, 141 89, Stockholm