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SDA Bocconi Executive Master in Business of Events - EMBE
SDA Bocconi

Executive Master in Business of Events - EMBE

12 Months


Part time

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Jan 2025

EUR 32,000



Your event will leave a legacy.

The Executive Master in Business of Events is designed for the Sports, Entertainment, and Exhibitions Industries. It is a global experience taught through 6 modules in 4 cities throughout Europe and the Middle East.

EMBE is a unique program that offers participants a profound exploration of the ecosystems that scaffold the events industry. The Advisory Council, global leaders with unique experiences in the field, and the Faculty will discuss theoretical models and empirical examples from leading companies and organizations to unfold and examine different dimensions of the complexity of the industry.

Why choose EMBE?

Embrace The Event Mindset

The event mindset is not only a business mindset. It involves a wide range of perspectives. You will develop a set of essential skills, tools, and techniques that can help you navigate the complex world of events.

Develop A Business Event Acumen

The business of events is more than organizing the events. It is about having the right approach for an entrepreneurial and proactive mindset so that you can create additional value for the events you manage.

Access To International, High-Profile Networks

Four countries. Five cities. Endless contacts. the program will connect you to established (Europe) and growing (Middle-East) markets of events and will interconnect you with the network of the key leaders of the industry.

Gain A Comprehensive Perspective Of Events

The program framework combines managerial and entrepreneurial skills across diverse sectors of the industry.

Adopt A Long-Term Vision Of Events

Events should go beyond a moment in time. You will develop specific core competencies and soft skills that will leave a positive impact: a legacy that will last much longer than the event itself.

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