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SDA Bocconi Executive Master in Management of International Organizations - EMMIO
SDA Bocconi

Executive Master in Management of International Organizations - EMMIO

9 Months


Part time

31 Jul 2024

14 Oct 2024

EUR 25,000 *


* to be paid in three installments


Time to Steer International Challenges.

The Executive Master in Management of International Organizations (EMMIO) is a part-time blended program that successfully prepares participants to tackle the biggest managerial challenges of modern international organizations, such as the United Nations, International NGOs, International Financial Institutions, and Intergovernmental, and Supranational Organizations.

Compacting an impressive workload and a fully-fledged executive master program into a nine-month educational path, EMMIO is compatible with full-time employment. By providing you with knowledge, methodological frameworks, and operational tools directly applicable to daily professional challenges, EMMIO allows you to make an immediate contribution to your working environment.

Why choosing EMMIO

A Unique Value Proposition

A fully tailored, hands-on degree that will strengthen your fit for purpose and heighten your visibility, equipping you for your future professional challenges.

An Innovative Learning Model: From Theory To Practice

Why compromise between world-class academic content and cutting-edge business practices? EMMIO allows you to get the best of both worlds, combining a hands-on approach with a solid theoretical component, anchored around management frameworks and tools tailored to the operational and institutional specificities of international organizations. Different and complementary learning methodologies will be adopted, to generate the participants’ highest active learning involvement.

Think Creatively And Elaborate Innovative Solutions

EMMIO is so much more than a Master’s program – it’s a laboratory where participants pour their professional experiences to think creatively and elaborate new solutions to common problems. The EMMIO cohort blends professionals from both the international development and humanitarian assistance sectors with twenty or more organizations represented. This diversity and complementarity of backgrounds help to foster systemic and strategic thinking among our participants.

A Blended Formula For A “Fit To Measure” Education

At SDA Bocconi we believe that your education should fit your needs, and work around your schedule. Our blended formula allows you two main benefits: maximum flexibility to complete the on-distance course workload throughout the year and concentrated face-to-face course delivery in two sessions of two and half weeks each. You will earn your degree in only nine months while taking full advantage of the flexible program schedule.

World-Class Faculty Experienced in International Public Management

SDA Bocconi has invested in the EMMIO all the experience of its four-decade commitment to shaping public management reforms. The strength of its faculty lies in the extraordinary network that unites internationally renowned scholars with senior managers of UN system organizations, innovators, and change agents. This allows this special blend of knowledge and experience is at hand to shape your own learning experience and ultimately your career.

Milano – The Place To Be

SDA Bocconi’s location allows you to get the most out of your advanced education by taking in the Milan experience. Milan is a global business hub synonymous with style, art, design, innovation, and well-being. Get inspired in the most vibrant Mediterranean city, immersed in a dynamic environment open to international business leaders and global policymakers alike.

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Program Admission Requirements

Demonstrate your commitment and readiness to succeed in business school by taking the GMAT exam – the most widely used exam for admissions that measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Download the GMAT mini quiz to get a flavour of the questions you’ll find in the exam.

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