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Steinbeis University – Schools of Next Practices Master of Science Business Management Specializing in Management & Innovation
Steinbeis University – Schools of Next Practices

Master of Science Business Management Specializing in Management & Innovation

Berlin, Germany

4 Semesters


Full time

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EUR 5,700 / per semester *


* Plus a one-time matriculation fee of €500 and a one-time examination fee of €500


What You Will Learn:

Learn the basics with our compulsory Management Foundation course and study topics tailored to your interests and needs through your chosen specialization, Management & Innovation.

Management Foundation:

  • Economic, Politics and Society
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Innovation Project
  • Business Organization
  • Project Management
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Research & Science Project
  • Philosophy of Science and Research Method
  • Advanced Statistics

Management & Innovation Specialization:

The Steinbeis master’s in Management & Innovation focuses on topics that address the issues modern businesses face on the daily through modules like “Managing the Modern Organization”. As well as this, our expert and experienced team of lecturers places greatimportance on preparing you for unexpected changes in the market through classes that specialize in the likes of International and Intercultural Sales Management and Negotiation.

Learn how to become and remain competitive within a highly saturated industry through skills and strategies gained over our wide range of mandatory foundations and carefully curated specialist subjects.

Why Move To Germany to Study?

Are you interested in getting a German education from one of the most exciting European cities? Look no further.

For over 20 years, the Steinbeis name has reflected Germany’s outstanding reputation for academic excellence — offering top-tier, flexible study programs both online and in the dynamiccities of Berlin and Munich.

Although both cities have a lot to offer in regard to future employment within large technology enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups, there are many more reasons to base yourself in either of these fantastic cities. By moving to Germany’s capital or Germany's economic heart to study, your opportunities aren't just limited to education and career.

Berlin is a global hub

The city boasts a large international community, making it easy to meet new people and integrate quickly into your new home. Also, English is a prevalent language, so – while we do encourage you to learn at least the basics – it is certainly possible to get by in Berlin without fluent German.

Berlin is a cultural mecca

As the epicenter for countless historical events, Berlin is an excellent place for curious students – and with its many galleries, restaurants, and infamous club scene, there is something for everyone and plenty of places to explore with all your new fellows and friends.

Berlin is affordable

Berlin ranks within the top five cheapest capital cities in Western Europe, so the price of rent, transport, and food is very reasonable. Expect to pay around 40% of your monthly salary for your Berlin accommodation, which in comparison to other major capital is very reasonable.

Munich is a green city

The abundance of green space in Munich strikes a nice balance between urban living and nature by offering a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of big-city life. From the many parks one can choose to take in some fresh air, The Englischer Garten is a favorite amongst locals and tourists.

Munich is well-connected

Although traveling by bike is popular in Munich because of the city’s dense network of cycle paths and routes, the many underground and overground trains, trams, and buses make it easy to get around. Direct intercity trains allow for spontaneous weekend breaks, as well!

Munich is the center of technology

Munich has one of the strongest economies in the country and is well-known for being one of Europe's biggest tech hubs. Many of the major German companies are based here and several international giants have chosen to set up their headquarters in Munich, too.

Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices

At Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices, we help people find their path and have a positive impact on the world. By implementing our core study concept, the 5 Circles, into your life, you can and will succeed in reaching the Next Level of your professional life and personal journey. Make our 5 Circles — PURPOSE, CONTENT, TRANSFER, METAVERSE, and SUSTAINABILITY — your daily drivers to pave the way for your career.

Envision your PURPOSE and shape your life and career to fit your ultimate end goal with the support of the highly experienced lecturers and expertly trained student advisory team at Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices.

Strengthen your professional and personal qualifications and reach your Next Level through contemporary study CONTENT. Put the latest industry-led innovations and insights learned in the classroom into practice, thanks to our unique TRANSFER-oriented teaching method, and become part of the METAVERSE —the future of work — with our immersive technologies and diverse, digitally taught subject matter. The instructive knowledge and future-oriented perspectives gained during our innovative study programs are guaranteed to ensure your compatibility with modern-day working environments and job roles.

Use the knowledge and qualifications acquired during and after your time at Steinbeis University - Schools of Next Practices to go forth and make a real SUSTAINABLE difference to the world — socially, environmentally, and economically.

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