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Stockholm University Master in Sustainable Chemistry
Stockholm University

Master in Sustainable Chemistry

Stockholm, Sweden

2 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2025

SEK 70,000 / per semester *


* EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are not required to pay fees


Sustainability - how to achieve and maintain it - depends on several complex factors where sustainable chemistry is key. Sustainable chemistry is a broad field that addresses and solves important environmental and climate change-related problems.

Sustainable chemistry is the field that will accelerate and support a shift in the industrial production of chemicals, materials, and other products toward resource efficiency with minimal or almost zero pollution.

The Master’s program in Sustainable Chemistry will equip you with the knowledge on how to assess chemical syntheses and processing routes. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to design sustainable materials and chemicals and you will above all learn the fundamentals of green and sustainable chemistry.

As a student in the program, you will start to grasp complex concepts such as chemical fate and toxicological effects on the environment and human health. At the end of our program, you will be able to evaluate chemical syntheses and the production of materials based on the UN’s sustainability goals, principles of green chemistry, and life cycle assessment.

The Master’s program will cover specific topics that touch on our areas of expertise such as recycling, water purification, carbon capture and storage, sustainable organic syntheses, renewable materials, and energy conversion and storage. It will also provide you with the technical knowledge and laboratory skills to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and industry.

The Master’s program is taught by professors and experienced researchers in sustainable chemistry, together with industrial scientists, and experts in toxicology, environmental law, and life cycle assessment. To ensure you also acquire transferrable skills such as critical thinking and project management, regular teaching will be combined with problem-based learning sessions. During these sessions, you will be challenged to evolve your creative thinking by working on real-life case studies.

The program will also give you the possibility to dive into research in sustainable chemistry carried out at Stockholm University through active involvement in highly relevant research projects.


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