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Technical University of Kaiserslautern Landau Master of Science in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)
Technical University of Kaiserslautern Landau

Master of Science in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)

Landau, Germany

2 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

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* tuition free | 170€ semester fee


Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)

An increasing number of chemicals is used by society today, which are also released into the environment. Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) is concerned with their potential impacts on the ecosystem. It aims to investigate and discover the effects of chemicals on biological systems in order to develop methods for risk management, as well as to predict ecological consequences.

The international "Master of Science program in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology)" integrates concepts of Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Ecology, Pollution Management and includes Social Sciences and Economics as well. Due to its interdisciplinary and applied approach, the Program enables its graduates to analyze complex environmental problems and to develop practical solutions.

As environmental problems reach far beyond national borders, an international approach is necessary and the situation in developing countries needs special solutions.

The Master in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) is organized by the Institute for Environmental Sciences Landau and its graduates receive the full credits for the nine required topics of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry’s Certification of Environmental Risk Assessors (CRA) program.

Information about the study program

The Master of Science in Environmental Pollution Management (Ecotoxicology) is a tuition free graduation Program in Landau, Germany. The Program is taught in English and attended by students from more than 30 countries. In Landau, our Welcome Center offers video guides, personal support, and will accompany prospective students all the way: Starting with visa applications, finding accommodations, registering with local authorities, obtaining health insurance, and more to ensure an uncomplicated enrollment process here in Landau.


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